10 Things To Do To Get Closer To God

closer to god

A close relationship with God is something that all of us desire.

We often read the Bible and wish we could be like Moses, Elijah, and Daniel, not because we want to go through what they went through but because we have a deep desire to be close to God like them.

We can only know who God is and why he loves us so much when we draw near to Him.

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But the truth is:

The cares of this world often get in the way, and instead of us getting close, we draw away from God.  

As we draw away from him, our faith weakens, and we become cold.  

The good news:

It doesn’t matter how far you have drifted. You can still get on track with God and get close to him.

How do you do that?

Study The Word Of God

God has given us his word to guide and help us in our daily lives.  

Studying the word of God should become a daily habit; that way, you will grow in the knowledge of him and his love. (2 Timothy 3:16-17)


Prayer is the way that we Christians communicate with our Heavenly Father.  

It is the key to knowing the plans God has for us as individuals and the way our Father guides us.

Spend time in the presence of God, and he will show you great and mighty things that you don’t know. (1 Thessalonians 5:16)

Be Thankful 

In this cynical world, it is easy for us to spend most of our time complaining than being thankful.

But when you make thankfulness part of your everyday life, you will see the goodness of God in everything.  

Thank God in good and bad times.  The more you do it, the more you will enjoy your relationship with God. (1 Thessalonians 5:18) 

Serve Others

Every child of God has been called to serve others.

Serving others will leave you feeling contented.  It will also help you understand God’s love practically.

But you have to depend on God to serve others effectively.

You do this by drawing close to him.

Fix Your Eyes On Jesus 

Do you know why most of us drift away from God?

It is because we focus on self and not God.  

We make everything all about us instead of God, and as such, we start to make our worship all about how good we are or how often we do it and not about God.

The Bible tells us to focus on Jesus.  The more you look at Jesus through prayers and the word, the more you fall in love and grow closer to him.

Quiet Time

We live in a noisy world that it is easy to miss hearing the still small voice of God.

Our Heavenly Father is always talking to us. But we are the ones who are not hearing.  

We need to change that by having quiet time. Take some time off the noise and go to a quiet place so that you can focus on God.  


Get a journal so that you can write down what God is telling you during your devotional time.  

Writing down these revelations will help you to remember the goodness of God, especially in hard times.


Let’s be honest:

Most of us struggle to fast.  If it were up to us, we would scrap this off our Christian life.

But here is the thing:

Our spirits and flesh war against each other.

We need to fast so that we can crucify the flesh and become spiritually stronger.  

The more we become strong in our spirit, the more intimate we become with God. (Matthew 6:16-18) 

Remember His Testimonies 

The children of Israel sinned against God because they forgot the great things God had done for them.  (Judges 8:34)

Testimonies remind you of God’s faithfulness. They help you to stand firm in faith when things are hard and to rejoice in the Lord in good times.

Surround Yourself With Believers

Be careful of who you surround yourself with.

Friends who share your faith will help you grow closer to God.

They will help you when you are weak, lift you, keep you on track, and help you to remain faithful to God.

In short:

Growing close to God is a personal choice.  

You need to be willing to make sacrifices for you to know God intimately.  

God says that when we draw close to him, he will draw near to us.

So make it a habit to draw close to God daily through prayer, studying the word, journaling, and by surrounding yourself with the right friends.

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