3 Signs God Is Preparing You For A New Season

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You will experience different seasons in your Christian walk. Sometimes your walk with God will be awesome, and sometimes you will go through trials and tribulations.

But why is that?

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It is because the Christian life is a journey with so many stages. We have to go through different things in life as God prepares us for what awaits us in eternity. Besides, even unbelievers go through different stages in life, so we can say that life, in general, comes in seasons. (Ecclesiastes 3)

What to do when God is preparing you for a New Season


Some people find it fun to walk into new seasons. But the truth is not all seasons are enjoyable, so we may struggle to enter into different seasons. Ask God to strengthen you for what awaits you.

Pray for grace as you transition from one season to another and ask him to help you live according to his plans for your life.

Spend Time in the Word

spend time in the word of God

We must remain grounded in the word of God, especially when we are moving from one season to another. Things may get confusing, so we need to stay focused and not lose track of where God is leading us.

Remember that the enemy is very cunning; he may try to sabotage your destiny by filling your mind with wrong thoughts. You need to be very careful about the voice that you are listening to.

The word of God will help you to differentiate your voice from the voice of God and the enemy.

Don’t be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what is the good, well-pleasing, and perfect will of God. Romans 12:2

Signs that you’re Walking into a New Season

Doors Closing & New One Doors Opening

God opening doors

Are the doors that were wide open in your life closing suddenly? Maybe the things that have been flowing smoothly in your life seem to be falling apart.

Well, while sometimes it may be the enemy attacking you, other times, it may be God who is bringing a shift in your life. That is why it is essential to be sensitive in the spirit.

Ask God to give you the gift of discernment so that you can know the difference and how to approach everything.

Internal Shift

Are you feeling restless in your heart? Do you feel like something is about to change or happen? Have you ever felt a shift or uneasiness on the inside, and then something happened, and you were like, “This is it.” “I knew in my gut God was up to something.”

There are times we may feel restless, not in a way that brings fear in our hearts. But in such a way that we know something good or new is about to happen. If there is an internal shift in you right now, please ask God for revelation so that you can know whether he is trying to lead you into something new. (Mathew 7:7-8)

A burden in your Heart

your heart burden to God

You may have a burden in your heart about the new season or calling upon your life. For example, your heart may be burdened to help someone, or you may be heartbroken by certain injustices and have a strong urge to help people going through that injustice.

If you have a burden in your heart to help the needy, then maybe God is calling you into that ministry. Or perhaps you have a burden in your heart to listen to preachings and messages about marriage. It could be you are about to get married if you are single.

In short

There will be different seasons and times in your life and, most notably, in your Christian walk. You need to live knowing that God wants you to be willing and ready to walk in each season that he has prepared you for. Pray and spend time in the word so that you can be alert in the spirit.

Don’t get discouraged when doors start closing or become fearful when new ones start opening. It could be that God is leading you into a new season. Be alert when there is a shift or burden in your heart and be ready to follow what God is telling you.

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