3 Ways You Are Blocking Your Blessings

Are you blocking your blessings from manifesting?

At times we become mad at God for not answering our prayers when, in reality, we are the ones blocking the blessing he has given to us in the spirit realm from manifesting.

We blame Him, and some even abandon the faith when it is not God that refused to answer our prayers.

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You may be wondering by now how that is possible. How do we block our blessings from manifesting?

By Complaining

Complaining is easy than speaking words of faith, but it will cost you your blessing. You need to speak words of faith and stand in agreement with what the Bible says even when you don’t see breakthroughs.

The children of Israel remained in the wilderness for many years than they were supposed to because of complaining.

In Psalms 78:41, it says they tempted God and limited him. When you complain, you are, in a way, limiting God from doing what he has promised you. You are, in essence, saying God is not true to his word.

Now we are not perfect; we make mistakes. So what do we do when we find ourselves complaining?


Ask God to forgive you for complaining, believe that you have been forgiven, and then start to praise God for his promises over your life. Every time you feel like complaining, how about you start praising God.

Small Thinking

Your small thinking will block God from doing exceedingly abundantly than he has promised you.

If God has promised to give you something, don’t give him options or settle for less than he has promised. Believe that he can give you precisely what he has said and much more.

Be like Caleb and Joshua, who focused on the milk and honey that God had promised and not the giants that the other ten spies focused on (Numbers 13: 25-30).

Tell God to paint a picture in your heart of what to expect from him and keep visualizing what he shows you.


To enjoy the blessing of God, we need to learn how to be patient. We need to wait patiently for the promises of God in our lives, just like Abraham, Sarah, Joseph, and David did.

God doesn’t do his things according to our timetable; he does it in his time. For example, he told Eve that her seed would crush the serpent’s head, but that happened many years after the death of Adam and Eve when Jesus came and died for us.

King Saul disobeyed God by offering the sacrifice instead of waiting for Samuel to come and do it.

God wanted to establish his kingdom forever, but because of his impatience, God would not do it (1 Samuel 13:11-14).

Your promise may take longer, but it will come because you serve a faithful God that watches over his word and is keen on fulfilling them. Don’t run out of patience for he who promised is faithful.

All In All

God will never promise you something and then refuse to give it to you. He is a faithful God who watches over his word. You need to trust the process that he is taking you through.

Your blessing will come, but you need to be careful not to block them by complaining, with your small thinking or impatience.

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