5 Prayer Points for April

Prayer Points for April

As you go further along in the year, you will notice you have unique prayer needs. This depends on what God is doing in your life this year.

One key thing that features in April is Easter where we celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

This forms the focus of this month despite all else that is going on in our lives.

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April comes with family gatherings, vacations, and reflection on one’s faith in Christ.

Your prayer points can center on these themes and others God brings to your mind.

Below are 5 prayer points you can pray in April.

#1 Family Gatherings Over Easter

Prayer Points for April

Easter is a time for families to come together and celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It’s a time when those who didn’t make it home for Christmas go home to see their family members.

Pray that God will touch every heart in your family with the love of Jesus Christ and that family gatherings will focus on what Jesus did on the cross because of his love for the entire world (John 3:16).

God can convict the hearts of your family members to believe in Jesus and live for him.

For those who travel from all over the world, pray for their protection as they make their way home.

God will watch over them and bring them home. He’ll ensure those who are driving are of a sober mind.   

Ask God to reveal his nature to the children in your family so they can grow up in the ways of the Lord.

It’s never too early for children to know about Jesus and serve him.

Pray for the provision of food and other resources to the homeless and less fortunate.

God loves them and cares for their needs.

He wants them to celebrate Easter and know Christ’s love for them.

#2 Repentance and Restoration For Yourself

Repentance and Restoration For Yourself

Jesus died on the cross for the forgiveness of your sins (Ephesians 1:7). As a result, you can live the abundant life he came to give you. This month of April, reflect on your relationship with Jesus and all he has done for you.

Repent of your sins and shortcomings and receive God’s forgiveness. Through Christ, He forgives you and cleanses you from unrighteousness.

By repenting, you are preparing yourself for refreshment and restoration during the Easter season.

The Holy Spirit will work in your inner being to change you.

Pray for God’s restoration of everything you lost.

He has promised to give you back what the enemy stole and redeem the years you lost. God knows restoration will give you hope and the desire to believe him for more.

Ask God to protect the vision he gave you from being delayed.

Where you have experienced setbacks, God can give you back the lost time and ensure his vision for your life will go as you have planned.

Pray that God will help you take back the ground you gave to the enemy through sin. He will show you how to close the door you opened to the enemy.

#3 Healing For Yourself and Your Family Members

Healing For Yourself and Your Family Members

One thing Jesus purchased for us on the cross is healing and that is why by his stripes we were healed (Isaiah 53:5).

He healed us when he died on the cross and today we claim that healing in his name.

We are not to live with diseases and illnesses because Christ paid the price for our healing.

Pray for God to heal you and your family members from any diseases you have.

Declare God’s word of healing over every person who is sick and trust the healing will manifest. Lay hands on the sick and anoint them with oil.

God wants to heal our souls from the trauma we have experienced.

Ask him to heal you from the hurt others caused you and to restore you to wholeness.

When you are whole, you can have healthy relationships with others and be at peace with yourself.

Ask God to heal the relationships in your family caused by hurtful words and actions.

Pray for a spirit of forgiveness to prevail in each relationship and for God to restore them to wholeness.

When people are at peace, they can love one another and work together for God’s glory.

#4 Salvation Of Souls In The World

Salvation Of Souls In The World

Jesus left us the Great Commission where we make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19-20).

He hoped to see everyone in the world believe in him and receive his salvation.

He died to save the souls of all people in the world by forgiving their sins.

We can pray for others to accept God’s gift of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Pray for the gospel of Jesus Christ to reach the ends of the earth.

That God will send his laborers to all corners of the earth to preach the good news.

The ministers of God will preach the gospel using the platforms God has given them.

Intercede for those in your life who do not know Christ or who know about him but have not given their lives to him.

Pray for the Holy Spirit to convict their hearts to believe in Jesus and have freedom from slavery to sin.

Ask God to touch the hearts of the leaders in your city to make decisions that are godly and benefit every citizen.

Pray against a spirit of corruption and a knowledge of Jesus Christ in their hearts. God uses cities as strategic places to advance his kingdom.

#5 Ministries

christian ministries

God has called every believer to be a minister of reconciliation; to reconcile others to him according to 2 Corinthians 5:18-19.

We are ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ. God wants us to minister to others with the gifts and ministries he has given us.

Pray that every ministry ordained by God will succeed and reach many lost souls.

God wants to prosper the work of your hands so you can advance his kingdom far and wide. Ministries give God a chance to reach others in the world with his love.

Ask for God’s favor over the ministers he has called to serve him.

That they will find open doors and divine connections to help them minister for the glory of God.

Where they need approval from higher authorities, they will get it without struggling.

Request for God’s provision over every ministry so they will have enough resources to advance the work of God.

Pray for provision of volunteers, finances, foodstuff and other resources for each ministry and the wisdom to steward them with excellence.

If there are any struggling ministries, ask God to revive them and refresh any weary ministers so they can continue with the work of the kingdom.


April is a month you can pray over the work God is doing in the world. He is expanding his kingdom and many souls are coming to know Jesus.

His Spirit is at work in the hearts of people to bring transformation and equip them for the work he has prepared for them.

The grace of God that brings salvation helps us to overcome ungodliness and worldly lusts (Titus 2:11-12) so we can live according to the will of God.

This April, spend more time with God and grow your faith in Jesus Christ. Keep his word in your heart.

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