5 Prayer Points for August

5 Prayer Points for August

There is always something to pray about every month. August is an open month and you can pray over anything God lays in your heart. Ephesians 6:18 instructs us to pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers. There is no limit to the number of prayers you can pray at any given time.

August is a month when you can pray for things you usually don’t pray for when you hit your prayer closet. You can invite God into any situation through prayer and you will see his power at work in it.

Below are 5 prayer points for August

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1. Pray For Family and Friends

Pray For Family and Friends

As you work on God’s assignments for the year, you need the support of family and friends. They are the people you reach out to when you need emotional support or help of any kind. Your loved ones are always ready to help you in every they can. You can pray for them as they too have their own struggles and things to do for God.

Pray for your family members; that God will bless their lives with abundance and fulfill the desires of their hearts. Ask God to direct their steps each day and shield them from harm and disasters. They need God’s guidance as they step into their purpose.

Ask God to encourage your friends in their time of need. That he will give them breakthroughs in the things they are believing God for every day. Ask for the wisdom to know how to deal with every situation they face in life. They need God’s blessings and favor as they do his work and live for him.

Pray for anything God places in your heart to pray over your family and friends. He knows what they are going through and what they need in their lives.

2. Ask God To Open Doors and Close Others

Ask God To Open Doors and Close Others

Have you ever tried to do something God asked you to do and found the door closed? It happens when the enemy tries to block you from doing God’s will in a particular situation. This is different from when God closes a door because you are not to walk through it.

Daniel got his answer to prayer after three weeks because of demonic opposition, yet God had answered his prayer immediately after he prayed (Daniel 10:12-13).

Ask God to open doors that the enemy has closed to keep you from doing God’s will. You will need discernment to know which doors the enemy has closed and pray as God shows you. Pray God’s word over every problem the enemy has brought into your life to stop you from reaching your destiny.

Pray for God to close doors you are not to walk through. There are doors that can lead you down a path of destruction. Some will lead you away from the call of God upon your life. Ask God to close such doors and don’t insist on walking through them. Trust God’s leading and direction because he knows what is best for you.

3. Pray Over New Opportunities

Pray Over New Opportunities

God keeps opening doors of opportunity so you can fulfill his purpose for your life. This is how he moves you from one point to the other. Not all opportunities come from God and if not careful, you can take up an opportunity that will lead you in the wrong direction.

God helped Gideon to sift those who were to help him fight the Midianites. Not all were qualified to do so. He told Gideon that He would sift the people for him so that he will know those who will stay and those who will leave.

The Lord said to Gideon, “There are still too many people. Bring them down to the water, and I will test them for you there. It shall be, that those whom I tell you, ‘This shall go with you,’ shall go with you; and whoever I tell you, ‘This shall not go with you,’ shall not go.” Judges 7:4

Pray for God’s wisdom to know which opportunities are good for you and those that aren’t.

Ask God to teach you how to discern opportunities that come from him as you read the Bible. God speaks to us through his word. He wants you to succeed and will help you know what is of him and what is not.

Pray for the peace of God as you consider new opportunities. If you are at peace about a project or assignment, you can proceed knowing you have God’s approval. If you lack peace, don’t move forward.

4. Pray For Believers Around You

Pray For Believers Around You

We are to pray for other believers. The Christian walk is not an easy one and those who believe in Jesus need your prayers. Jesus prayed for his disciples and the saints, that God would keep them from the evil one. He knew the challenges they would face because of their faith. Ephesians 6:18 asks us to pray for the saints. You can start by praying for the believers around you.

Pray for God to strengthen believers around you and help them hold on to their faith at all times. That he will send his angels to guard them in all their ways so they can obey his word.

Ask God to equip them for the work of ministry. Doing God’s work is no walk in the park and we all need prayers. Pray that God will give them the skill, wisdom and understanding to fulfill his purpose for their lives.

Pray for God to protect them as they go out to minister the word of God to the lost. Protection is also for the family members they leave behind every day to go to work.

Pray that they will keep their eyes focused on Jesus always.

5. Pray For Your City

Pray For Your City

Every city has its challenges and instead of complaining about what is not working well, pray about it. God’s power gets to work in situations and people when we pray. Instead of worrying and getting angry, pray for God’s will to prevail in your city.

Pray for your leaders so you can live in peace (1 Timothy 2:1-3). Your leaders make decisions about your city and not all of them call upon the wisdom of God when doing so. Ask God to give them his wisdom to make decisions that are for the good of all citizens.

Pray for all who live in your city, that they will live according to the principles of God so there will be peace and security. Ask God to touch the heart of every individual and their family members too.

Pray for the abundance of your city. When people lack nothing, they have no need to steal or kill others. This may seem impossible but with God it is possible.

Ask God to bless your city and give you peace. This is his peace that surpasses human understanding. When everyone has peace in their heart, they will be at peace with others.


In August, pray over the things that tug at your heart. God puts his desires in your heart and you can pray for them to come to pass. Where family and friends ask you to pray for them, remember to do so. We all need prayer all the time.
As you pray, thank God for the answers he gives you. Expect him to do miracles in the lives of those you pray for when you get into your prayer closet.

Make prayer a lifestyle and you will see God work wonders in your life.

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