5 Prayer Points for February

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February is the second month of the year.

People refer to it as the month of love. That is because of Valentine’s Day, which falls on the fourteenth day.

There is more to the month of February considering that not everyone is in a romantic relationship.

Therefore, our prayers can touch on other areas of our lives that are important.

In this month, you can follow up on the prayers you prayed in January and see God do amazing things.

If you are struggling to know what to pray in February, below are 5 prayer points to start you off.

#1 Your Relationships

Prayers For Your Relationships

Relationships are key to living a healthy life. God wanted us to function within communities because he created us to need each other.

We have a variety of relationships ranging from family, friends, business partners, church home groups, among others.

Pray for God’s love to be present in each of your relationships.

Jesus commanded us to love one another in John 15:17 as this is how we maintain our relationships.

Ask that the fruit of God’s love will manifest in your heart and others in your life.

Ask God to give you the right relationships in life so you will grow and mature. Not all relationships will last a lifetime.

Some are there for a reason and others for a season. Let go of all who need not be in your life right now.

Seek God’s help in walking in love every day. It’s not always easy, especially when it’s not convenient or you are dealing with those you consider unlovable.

God sent his Spirit to help us do what he has commanded us to do.

Meditate on 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 which is about love as God defines it and pray for God’s wisdom on how to apply it to your life.

#2 Yourself


In February, you can show yourself some love and pray over your needs.

For you to love others, you need to learn how to love yourself without conditions.

If you are to love your neighbor as yourself and not harm them (Leviticus 19:18), start with cultivating a heart of love toward self.

Ask God to show you how to love yourself and to heal you from feelings of being unlovable.

Self-love can be difficult where you grew up in an abusive environment or were told you were not good enough. God can help you heal from your past.

God thinks good thoughts about you and you can ask him to show you what they are.

He is a loving Father who wants his children to know he loves them as they are. You need not change a thing for God to love you.

He already does.

Pray for wisdom in aligning your ways to God’s ways so you can live a righteous life. If you are to live according to God’s will, then you need to know what it is.

Don’t be wise in your own eyes (Proverbs 3:7) but seek the counsel of the Holy Spirit.  

#3 Acceleration In Fulfilling God’s Purpose For Your Life

Fulfilling God’s Purpose For Your Life

Life can have twists and turns that delay us in fulfilling God’s purpose for our lives.

This can make you feel like you are so behind in doing what God has called you to do.

Sometimes it seems you have lost your way. God has promised to repay you for the wasted years in Joel 2:25, whether they are of your making or that of others.

Pray for God’s restoration of all you lost because of ignorance, misfortunes, mistakes or the actions of others.

Include lost opportunities or relationships as these are key in fulfilling your God-given purpose.

Pray for God to repay you for the wasted years and speed up your efforts in doing his work.

That where you lost ground, you will recover it.

Ask him to help you do more in less time and achieve within months what would have taken you years.

Petition the Father for strategies to propel you forward and help you accomplish much more than you did in the last year.

Ask him to show you how to leverage the platforms he has given you so you can do more and move faster. He wants to give you more responsibility.

#4 Praying According To God’s Will

Praying According To God's Will

Many times we don’t see answers to our prayers because we are not praying God’s will.

This leads us to seek “powerful prayers” which we believe will deliver our prayer requests.

God wants you to succeed in your prayers and has given you pointers in his word to help you.

Ask God to teach you how to pray for his will to prevail in every situation you face in your life.

It’s hard to see your prayers answered when you are praying your will. The will of God is in his word.

Ask for a revelation of anything that may be blocking your prayers.

There are many things that hinder the answers to your prayers and unless God shows you, you will assume he doesn’t want you to have your desires.

Your prayer can include asking God for a Bible verse that you can stand on after you make your request known to him.

Declare the word God gives you until you see the answer to your prayer manifest.

Meditate on Mark 11:22-24 on some principles of prayer. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you how you can apply the lessons in this passage to your prayer life.

#5 For God To Transform You Into a Worker Who Has His Approval

Our daily duties are to reflect the excellence of God. By doing this, we are workmen approved by God for his assignments (2 Timothy 2:15).

Doing God’s work requires you to be mentally and spiritually sound.

For God to promote you, he first increases your spiritual capacity so you can handle more responsibility in the bigger role he is giving you.

Pray for God to help you embrace the qualities you need as one of his workers.

Work on them one by one with the help of the Holy Spirit. He works in your inner being to equip you for the work before you.

Ask God to give you a work ethic that will help you deliver your duties with excellence.

How we work is as important as the work itself. It’s not enough to have a gift, there must be good character traits to match it.

God’s word is there to shed light on your ways.

With God’s help, seek roles that bring out your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.

Not all roles suit you and God doesn’t want you doing just any job. Let God guide you into roles in which you will shine and reflect his glory.


This February, you can focus on manifesting the fruit of love. You can only give others what you possess.

God first loved us and then showed us how to love. He knows without him you cannot love others with all your heart.

Loving others helps you build strong relationships that carry you through all seasons of life.

It’s also a good month to inject some love into your work. You may not like every aspect of the work you do but you can purpose to love it knowing it blesses others.

Abide in the love of Jesus Christ and you will love others better.

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