5 Prayer Points for July

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July marks the entry into the second half of the year. Your plans for the year are underway and you can’t wait to see them to completion.

At this time of the year, you have weathered storms and made progress in your assignments. Everything is going according to plan.

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Although you have had to make adjustments here and there, I’m sure you are happy with how far you have come.

There is still a lot to pray about and thank God for this month. He is your constant helper and guide.

Below are 5 prayer points for July

1. Ask God For A Boost Of Your Faith

July prayers

It takes faith to do the work God has called you to do. Having faith means you believe in the vision God gave you and his promises over your life.

Sometimes life can hit us with tough situations that can shake our faith and we start doubting or stop believing altogether.

It’s hard to fulfill the purposes of God when your faith is weak. Thank God there is a solution.

Faith is the substance of things you hope for although you haven’t seen them (Hebrews 11:1).

When you lose sight of the things you are expecting God to do for you, it’s easy for your faith to become weak.

Ask God to strengthen your faith to continue believing for his best. When you have faith, you can continue with the journey until the end.

According to Romans 10:17, faith comes by hearing the word of God. Pray that God will speak to you as you read your Bible so your faith can grow.

God has a lot to say about your life and circumstances and he will direct your steps as you read his word. Never lose faith because of difficult circumstances.

2. Pray For The Help You Need

Ask God For A Boost Of Your Faith

We always need help for one thing or the other in life. That is no different for the things you are working on this year.

People come into and leave our lives and that is normal. God is ready to help you with whatever you need, you only have to ask him.

The first place to look for help is the Holy Spirit (John 14:26).

He is your Helper and is there to help you with everything you need to live a godly life. Talk to him today and pour out your heart to him.

Ask God to send people to help you where you need it. He knows the best people to partner with us in what he wants us to do. Don’t rely on your understanding but seek God first. He will lead you in the right direction.

If you want an increase in resources, request God to give them to you. He is ready to give us what we desire as long as it is in line with his will.

He doesn’t withhold anything good from us but desires to satisfy our needs with his heavenly riches. He’s a good Father.

3. Thank God For The Fruit Of Your Labor

Thank God For The Fruit Of Your Labor

There is no joy like that of seeing the fruit of what you have labored for since the beginning of the year.

And remembering that God was a part of it makes your joy complete. It’s time to thank God for the harvest he has given you after you worked hard to bring it forth.

Thank God for the results you have seen in the different areas of your life. It means you have received the things you prayed for and they are manifesting in the physical realm.

Ephesians 5:20 tells us to thank God for all things in the name of Jesus Christ.

Give thanks to God for multiplying your efforts which has enabled you to achieve more than you imagined. God gives you much more than you ask of him. He longs to see his children live a life overflowing with blessings.

Thank God for those who came alongside you and helped you achieve the results you celebrate today. They too made an important contribution to what you were working on and they rejoice with you.

Thank God for his grace which is sufficient for you. It helped you overcome obstacles as you worked toward achieving your goals.

4. Declare God’s Blessings Over Your Life

Declare God’s Blessings Over Your Life

As a child of God, you have God’s blessings upon your life.

In Deuteronomy 28:1-13, God outlines the blessings that will be in the lives of those who obey him.

We can declare these blessings over our lives and those of our loved ones. We can remind ourselves of how much God has blessed us by declaring his blessings every day.

Declare that:

The work of your hands is blessed. You can work knowing that what you do already has God’s blessing.

You are blessed wherever you go in this world. God’s blessing over your life is not limited to your physical location.

God’s blessing is upon the fruit of your womb. God has blessed your children regardless of how they behave.

God’s blessing is on your finances. You will not lack anything because God will provide you with everything you need.

You are above and not below. God’s will is that you are among the best in everything because you are his child.

Your enemies are defeated before you and you have victory over every one of them. God has subdued your enemies under your feet.

5. Ask God For The Strength To Keep Going

Pray For The Help You Need

The journey of life can get weary at times. You can feel like you don’t have the strength to keep going.

Sometimes you exert so much effort into doing something that you end up feeling depleted and unable to go on. This is when you need to call upon the strength of God.

He promises that He will strengthen you (Psalm 18:32).

You don’t have to go on in your own strength. It will not be sufficient to take you to the finish line.

Pray for God’s strength each day so you can have the energy to work with all your heart.

He gives strength to the weary and gives power to the weak.
If you have been through a period of spiritual warfare, ask God to fill you afresh with his strength.

He knows how hard it is to kick the devil out of your life and it can leave you feeling weak.

When facing difficult situations, pray for the strength to endure until the end. Life’s problems can leave you with no energy to do anything else. Give your burdens to Jesus who will give you the strength to keep your head up.


July is a month when you can seek God to refresh you along the way. Sometimes you need a fresh word from the Lord to keep going and believing in God’s vision for your life. Don’t lose track of what you are doing and stay focused on God’s word.

As you take each step, God is there to guide you and cheer you on. He will encourage you till you make it to the finish line. As long as you keep the faith, life’s challenges will not stop you or slow you down.

Don’t give in to the temptation to quit. Keep going.

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