5 Prayer Points for June

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prayer points for june

The end of June marks the time we call mid-year. Half the year is gone and there is another half waiting. A lot has happened since the year begun and there’s still a lot more you’re yet to experience.

Mid-year can bring with it a level of anxiety on whether you’ll complete what you started. This is especially true when you notice you are lagging behind in some areas.

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Instead of worrying, turn to God for he is the Redeemer of time. He will redeem the time you have lost.

June is also a time to take stock of how far you’ve gone and how far you have to go till the end of the year.

Below are 5 prayer points for June

1. Thank God For Your Blessings

You can get so caught up in achieving your goals and forget to thank God for how far he’s brought you. Philippians 4:16 says we should pray with thanksgiving.

As you make your requests known to God, thank him for what he’s already done for you.

Thank God for good health and a sound mind. Having a healthy body has enabled you to move around, work, play (if you have kids) or travel. Although you have one or two issues in your mind, generally you are at peace.

Thank God for seeing you as the one fit to carry out the assignments he’s given you. You are a workman approved by God for special assignments in his kingdom.

Thank God for the helping hands he sent your way. Whether it’s co-workers, volunteers, domestic help, friends and others. They have lightened your load in life and encouraged you along the way.

Thank God for his favor. He has given you favor with people who opened doors for you and helped you when they didn’t have to.

God got you to places you would not get to on your own. He gave you opportunities that brought abundance in your life.

2. Guarding Against Fear

It’s normal to have fears about finishing the year well especially when all is not going well. Unfortunately fear slows you down because your mind is focused on negative thoughts. These negative thoughts bring negative situations.

Fear is a spirit (2 Timothy 1:7) and when you feel it influencing you, cast it out.

Pray for a renewal of hope. That you will make it to the end of the year and finish everything the Lord has set before you. When you lose hope, you won’t put in the effort needed to achieve your goals and complete your assignments.

Instead of fearing, ask God to give you the grace to take one step at a time. To shed his light on your steps so that you remain on the right track. Don’t give in to fear when you have God’s word as a light for your path.

Visualize yourself finishing well and you will. Ask God to help you see past any obstacles that may be on your path. Remember Jesus told us to speak to our mountains and command them to move.

Cast your cares on the Lord knowing he is able to handle everything you put in his hands.

3. Wisdom To Make Adjustments Where Necessary

Let’s face it, not everything will go according to plan. Life happens. You get sick, an unforeseen circumstance shows up, a spouse walks out, a child gets sick, etc.

These are issues that can throw you off balance, and you have to make adjustments to your plan.

Pray and ask God to give you the wisdom to readjust your plans, assignments or any other thing you are doing. God’s ways are not your ways and his thoughts are not yours. He knows the best way to help you move forward.

Ask God to make a way where there isn’t one. Sometimes we need God to give us an alternative route to get to where we are going. He parted the Red Sea and he can make a way for you.

If you have veered off the right path, ask God how you can back on track. It’s easy to drift when you lose sight of your goals or when you’re distracted by life’s issues.

Sometimes the adjustment relates to budgets for whatever you are doing. Ask God to show you what you need to cut out or include in your budget. You don’t want to fall short of achieving your goals because of inadequate finances.

4. Renewed Focus

Losing focus as you work toward finishing your year well can happen due to a number of reasons.

Naysayers can come calling and leave you with some doubts about what you are doing. Distractions in life can also make you lose focus.

There are many nice things you want to involve yourself in and they may take your focus from the main thing. It takes the grace of God to help you refocus and keep moving forward.

Ask God to turn your heart away from distractions and toward his assignments. Other things or people can steal our focus and we can get lost in our interactions with them.

Pray for the grace to keep your heart focused on God’s word and prayer. This is how you feed the Spirit and starve the flesh. Never let God’s word out of your sight for it nourishes your spirit.

Ask God to help you not to get swayed by good things others are inviting you to partake.

There are a lot of interesting things you want to participate in, but if they will only make you lose focus of God’s assignments for you this year, do away with them.

5. Renewed Commitment To God’s Work

Sometimes life’s circumstances can crush us and leave us wounded with no desire to continue with God’s work. We get injured in the line of duty and blame God for not protecting us.

Betrayal, difficulties, or unanswered prayer can make us want to walk away from what God is calling us to do. We may end up doing the work half heartedly.

God can help you desire once again to do or continue with the work he has given you.

Pray for healing from the emotional wounds you got from others as you were busy working for your King.

These wounds will hinder your faith in God and fill you with unbelief. Forgive those who hurt you and continue the work from where you left off.

When things go south after trying so hard to make them happen, you can abandon ship and your commitment will only be halfhearted. Ask God to help you engage all your heart as you do what he has called you to do.

If you are finding it hard to commit to anything because of disappointment, ask God to help you. He’s always ready to come to your aid.


Don’t fear this pivotal month of June. Keep in mind you are using God’s strength to do his work. He will help you along the way.

As you take stock of how far you’ve come, celebrate your wins and learn from your mistakes. Don’t aim for perfection but excellence. Focus on giving your very best to every assignment.

Trying to be perfect will only show you how much you don’t measure up. There’s a joy that comes in knowing you gave it your best shot. Aim for that.

Give God the glory for sustaining you all this while.

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