5 Prayer Points for March

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Prayer Points for March

End of March marks the first quarter of the year. It’s a time of reflection on what you have achieved in the first three months.

You can check how well you have stayed on course as you have worked on your assignments and projects.

March is a month that is not as busy or festive like the ones that have preceded it.

You can do your quiet reflection and ask God to show you if you may have veered off your path and how to get back.

Celebrate where you have remained on track.

The 5 prayer points below will help you navigate the month of March.

#1 God’s Help In Living a Holy Life

God set apart those he called to do his work in the Bible. We see this in the stories of Samson, Paul and John the Baptist.

He wanted them to focus on him and let go of things that were ungodly and distractions to their purpose.

His wanted them to forsake worldliness and focus on the work he had put before them.

Pray for God’s help in living a life that pleases him.

He will show you what is acceptable to him (Ephesians 5:10) and what you need to let go off so you can focus on him.

Not everything good is beneficial to your life. Leave behind what doesn’t bring you closer to God.

Make your request known to God for everything you need to live in a way that pleases him.

We are to go to him with all sorts of prayers and requests for what we need from him. As a loving Father he is ready to provide them.

Ask God to help you make the changes he wants you to so you can live a holy life.

Sometimes we don’t see what is hindering us from moving forward until God reveals them to us.

#2 Getting Back on Track Where You Have Gone Off Course

Getting Back on Track Where You Have Gone Off Course

Sometimes we don’t get an instruction right and veer off the path God has set for us. Instead of worrying, go to God and ask him to help you get back on track.

He knows you you will make mistakes along the way and makes provision for it.

God is gracious and knows we can lose our way for many reasons.

He has promised to make your crooked paths straight and your rough places smooth (Isaiah 40:4). He makes a way where there is none.

Pray for God to show you if you may have missed a step as you do what he has called you to.

He is ready to guide you as you focus on him daily. His word will light your path.

Ask God to help you identify his voice always so you will follow it where he is leading you.

His voice always lines up with his written word and you can always confirm what you hear.

Jesus is the Good Shepherd who is always ready to lead you to the right pastures.

Ask him to lead you to places or resources that will refresh your spirit and soul.

#3 Removal of Distractions And Hindrances Along Your Path

Removal of Distractions And Hindrances Along Your Path

Are you busy doing God’s work and finding that you are getting distracted more often?

Do you sense obstacles along your path and you can’t get past them?

You could be doing all the right things and struggle to move forward.

Jesus faced temptation from the devil when he was in the wilderness, before he began his ministry.

You can read the passage in Luke 4:1-13. When the devil didn’t get through to him, he went away till an opportune time.

The same enemy tries to stop us from fulfilling God’s purpose for our lives. He places distractions and obstacles along our path.

He wants to stop us from succeeding in our assignments.  

Pray for God to reveal the plans of the enemy that hinder you from doing his work.

He will show you how to deal with those attacks with his word. Jesus overcame the devil’s attacks by the word of God and so should we.

Ask God to remove any obstacles or hindrances on your way. Our actions or those of others can block our path.

God will show you how to work around anything that is hindering you from making progress toward your goals.

#4 To Be a Good Steward Of The Resources God Gives You

To Be a Good Steward Of The Resources God Gives You

God puts resources in our hands for what he wants us to do. He expects we will manage everything he gives us with wisdom.

If we are to have God’s approval as we work for him (2 Timothy 2:15), then we need to know how to steward what he puts in our hands.

Ask God to make available every resource that will be necessary for what he wants you to do.

He knows everything you need and wants to provide it.

God has blessed us with spiritual blessings in the heavenly realms in Christ and all we have to do is pray for their manifestation on earth.

Pray for God’s wisdom in stewarding the resources he has given you. God doesn’t expect you to figure everything out on your own.

He is always with you and will show you how to make the best use of his resources.

Request for divine connections with those who are to help you along the way and how to steward those relationships.

God gives you human resources to lighten your load and play their role in God’s assignment to you.

#5 Godly Counsel

Godly Counsel

There is nothing as refreshing as godly counsel when you want to get a second opinion on something.

God can put a word of wisdom in someone to give you because he knows you need the advice of other believers.

God has also warned us not to sit in the counsel of the wicked (Psalm 1:1) because they don’t know the ways of the Lord.

Worldly advice cannot help us solve problems that require divine intervention.

We are not to conform to the pattern of this world but to renew our minds with God’s word.

Ask God to give you godly friends who will bring you closer to him as you spend time with them.

Those around you need to be those who seek God for solutions and do not rely on their own wisdom.

Godly friends will always point you to the word of God for the answers you seek.

Pray for wisdom to know who to share your stories and concerns with in your circle of friends.

It’s important to discern those God has put on your path to give you godly counsel.

Don’t share details of your life with all your friends but only those whom God gives approval.


March is a month when you can do a mini evaluation of your progress in all you set out to do in January.

This gives you a chance to know where you may need to make changes so you can continue along the right path without delays.

It is also a good time to change anything that is not working for you before you get too far into the year.

Keep focused on the path ahead and trust God will see you through to the end of the year.

Allow God to prepare you for the weeks and months ahead.


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