5 Prayer Points for Married Couples

Marriage is ordained by God between a man and woman and the two become one flesh (Mark 10:7-8).

They are to live together in harmony and make decisions together.

Their union is based on selfless love and each partner longs to see the other happy.

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Married couples need divine help so that their relationship can be strong.

Turning to God in all situations they face will strengthen their union and make the marriage last forever.

Prayer brings God’s will into the life of a married couple and they can enjoy a fruitful and joyful marriage.

Below are 5 prayer points for married couples.

#1 Unity

prayer point for Unity in marriage

A married couple should be united in everything they do.

They are to make decisions as one unit and do things together without hiding anything from each other.

When a couple values unity, they will resolve issues in marriage together and maintain harmony in the home.

Pray that God will create a strong bond in your marriage and help you and your spouse do things together always.

That God will show you how to keep the bond of unity in every area of your marriage.

It pleases God and every member of the family when a married couple lives in unity (Psalm 133:1).

Ask the Holy Spirit to help you build your life together taking into consideration the opinion of each spouse.

It’s impossible to grow together when every spouse is making decisions independent of the other.

God sent his Spirit to help you with anything you want to do on earth.

He is your Helper and teaches you all things (John 14:26).

Pray that God will help you and your spouse resolve your differences in an amicable manner.

Each partner’s opinion matters and should be considered in every decision or action.

Ask God to help you never get to the point of having irreconcilable differences.

Petition God to protect your marriage from a spirit of division and those who want to sow division in your marriage.

That he will keep you away from those who don’t want to see your marriage prosper.

He is your refuge and hiding place and cares very much about the prosperity of your marriage (Psalm 91:4).

#2 Peace

prayer point for peace in marriage

God wants us to live in peace at all times because he has called us to a gospel of peace.

We may have trouble in the world but Christ promises us his peace (John 16:33).

The peace he gives us surpasses human understanding. We are to seek the peace of Christ which is different from the one the world gives.

Pray for God to help you and your spouse to live in peace at all times and respect each other.

According to Romans 12:18, we are to live in peace with everyone so that our relationships can prosper.

Ask God to make your home a peaceful one so that everyone can enjoy living there.

When you are at peace with your spouse, your children and other members of your family have peace in their hearts.

Ask God to help you and your spouse do things that lead to peace and mutual edification (Romans 14:19).

All your actions should be peaceful and thoughtful and for the benefit of the others.

Pray that God will protect you from strife and hurtful actions and words that stir up anger.

Pray that God will destroy the enemy who wants to steal the peace in your marriage (Romans 16:20).

He prowls around looking for who to destroy and he doesn’t have to find his way into your marriage.

Close all doors you may have opened to the enemy to come and bring division into your home.

Pray that God will bless your marriage with peace (Psalm 29:11) and that you will lie down and sleep in peace.

#3 Love

prayer point for love in marriage

God expects that you will love your spouse just like you promised when you took your marriage vows.

Love is important in a marriage because it is a reflection of the love that Christ has for his church.

God has shown us how to love in his word and helps us to love others with his love which never fails.

God himself is love and when he is a part of a marriage, his love remains with them.

Pray that God will help you and your spouse love each other according to 1 Corinthians 13:4-7.

That you will be patient, kind, polite and forgiving toward each other. Love must be put into action if it will benefit the other person.

It is not an emotion like the world has made us believe. Make loving your spouse a priority if the marriage is to prosper.

Let your love to your spouse be sincere (Romans 12:9) so that they can trust you.

Ask God to purify the love you have for your spouse so that it can be genuine.

Your spouse will value your love and be secure in your feelings for him or her. God will help you where you may struggle to love your spouse.

If you and your spouse struggle to love each other or have lost your love for each other, turn to God for help. Sometimes life gets busy or difficult and love goes out the window.

At such times couples think that they will never be able to love each other and consider divorce.

Genuine love never dies and when you put your heart into the restoration of the marriage, it will rekindle lost love.

#4 Forgiveness

prayer point for forgiveness in marriage

In the course of a relationship, people sometimes hurt each other with their words and actions.

When a couple don’t forgive each other for their mistakes, their relationship can suffer because of the lack of forgiveness.

When you don’t forgive your spouse, you block the flow of love toward your spouse. Your relationship will deteriorate fast and may even come to an end.

Pray that God will grant you and your spouse the grace to forgive each other.

It may not be easy but God will help you. He wants to see your marriage last forever and bless others around you.

One of the things that Jesus wanted his disciples to pray about was forgiving others like he forgave them (Matthew 6:12).

We are to bear with each other because no one is perfect.

There is no limit to how much you can forgive your spouse.

Pray that God will help you have a heart to forgive your spouse every time they offend you.

It is not easy but with God’s help you can do it. Just like you forgive your spouse, he or she has to forgive you too because you may not always see your errors (Psalm 19:12).

Your spouse will have to forgive you every time you offend them.

Pray that God will help you not make a fuss about the mistakes of your spouse but forgive instead.

When we magnify the mistakes of others, we won’t love them like God desires us to do.

Be quick to forgive your spouse so that your marriage can prosper and flourish.

#5 Growth

prayer point for growth in marriage

It is God’s desire that you and your spouse grow together because he doesn’t want you to be stagnant in life.

He wants you to grow in your marriage and as an individual. Your faith is also important and God wants you to grow in your relationship with him.

When your faith grows, your marriage grows stronger because you rely on God more than before.

Pray that God will firmly establish your faith and that of your spouse so that your marriage will flourish.

When your faith is strong you can believe God for miracles in your marriage and do greater things for him.

Ask God to strengthen your inner being so that Christ can richly dwell in your heart with your spouse (Ephesians 3:17).

Pray that God will lead you and your spouse to resources that will help you grow as a couple.

There are many ways God can use to help your marriage grow.

He has a plan for your marriage and wants to use it for his glory.

He wants to minister to others who are going through the things you are going through.

When he comforts you in your marital troubles, its because  he wants you to comfort others in the same way (2 Corinthians 1:4).

Pray that God will increase the love between you and your spouse as you grow together.

Love will keep you together during the good and bad times.


The above prayer points will help you start praying for your marriage knowing God will answer your prayers.

There are many other things you can pray about and you can ask God to reveal them to you.

Marriage is a beautiful thing especially when God is a part of it.

Surrender your marriage to God and watch him make it fruitful and bless other couples who are looking for direction.

Covering your marriage in prayer will keep it under the protection of God and it will bring it glory.

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