A Breakdown Of The Lord’s Prayer

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A Breakdown Of The Lords Prayer

Jesus’ disciples recognized the power of prayer and asked him to teach them to pray just like John the Baptist taught his disciples (Luke 11:1).

They heard Jesus pray and wanted to know how to pray in a way that would always get them results.

Jesus taught them what we call today, “The Lord’s Prayer” which features in Matthew 6:9-13 and Luke 11:2-4.

The Lord’s Prayer is a model prayer Jesus used to show us what’s important when saying a prayer.

Today we want to break down the prayer and describe each part.

Our Father In Heaven

Jesus was showing his disciples that we address prayers to God as our Father.

When we pray, we talk to a loving Father who is eager to meet the needs of his children which they bring before him

Hallowed Be Your Name.

Hallowed” means “made holy or honored.” We honor God’s name as above every name and recognize it as holy and majestic.

The name of the Lord is our hope and salvation and it shows us who God is to us.

Thy Kingdom Come

We long for the Kingdom of God to come to every part of the earth. God’s desire is that we seek his kingdom first above all else because everything we look for is in it.

When God manifests his kingdom on earth, it sets things right in the world.

Your Will Be Done, On Earth, As It Is In Heaven

God wants his will manifested on earth and when we pray this part, we open the way for God to do his will.

The Bible has God’s will for everything we face today and when we pray the Scriptures, he does what he desires in every situation in our lives.

Give Us Today Our Daily Bread

We are to ask God in prayer to meet our needs, physical and otherwise.

This includes food, clothes, shelter and all other things we need to live a godly and content life.

And Forgive Us Our Debts, As We Also Have Forgiven Our Debtors

We are to repent for our sins and seek God’s forgiveness.

We approach God with a pure heart and this includes forgiving others who have offended us.

And Lead Us Not Into Temptation

Here, we are asking our Father to keep us away from the temptation to sin.

He has promised that he will not let us face temptation beyond what we can bear.

He is always ready to turn us away from temptation.

But Deliver Us From The Evil One

As part of our prayers, we are to pray for God’s protection over our lives and those of our families.

We have an enemy who wants to devour us every opportunity he gets but God is there to watch over us daily.  

The Lord’s prayer outlines the important aspects of a prayer lifted to God in faith.

When we pray using the principles Jesus taught in this prayer, our prayers are wholesome and touch the Father’s heart.  

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