The Bedroom: A Peaceful Place To Rest, Regroup and Reenergize

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Your bedroom should be a sanctuary of peace and a place where you find rest. There are some simple things you can can do to create the peaceful environment that your mind and body needs at the end of a long day

The Bed

Your bed is the most important piece of furniture in your home. Investing in a good quality bed is essential. Cutting corners on a good night’s sleep negatively impact your physical and mental well-being.

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Once you have a proper bed in place, it’s time to dress it up and make it inviting! Add layers to it from the mattress up to create plush and fluff. The more a body is cradled in softness, the more inviting the bed will be. Don’t go crazy adding pillows as many do nowadays. Focus on being functional.

“Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28

The Colors

A bedroom should exude calm. Pastel colors of blues, greens, and pinks are best because the mind interprets such colors with rest and relaxation.

Have you noticed that many hospitals, doctor offices, and hotels are now moving more towards incorporating greens into the decor? Green is conceived as natural, healing, tranquil, and harmonious.

Blues are associated with water which is calming. There is nothing like sitting on a beach watching the waves the captures our attention. The soothing sound of the ocean bathes our senses with utter peace.

Pinks offer a sense of peace and security because that color is feminine. It is often associated with women in our lives that have cared and nurtured us such as mothers and grandmothers.

The Sense Of Smell

The odor of dirty socks is not something we want to relax and fall asleep to! Creating a nicely scented environment in your bedroom should be incorporated. Your bedroom is where your mind gears down and finds serenity.

Place some fresh-cut flowers, scented candles, or potpourri in your bedroom that is pleasant to the senses and not overwhelming. Use a linen spray that has a lovely fragrance to fall asleep to.

The Lighting

If you add soft lighting to your bedroom, you continue with creating that soft environment that is inviting. Lamps are great to have in a bedroom because they are not as harsh as the ceiling light.

The Decor

Once you have your bedroom complete with an inviting bed, lovely scents to fill the air, and your warm-soft lighting, it’s time to put the final touches on your sanctuary of rest.

Place a beautiful photo of your wedding or family in your bedroom so as you drift off to sleep you are reminded of the blessing of family and loved ones. Perhaps on a wall or shelf somewhere, place some scripture artwork.

Tidy Up

There is nothing worse than having to wade through shoes, clothes, or dirty laundry all over the floor to get to your bed at night. Going to bed with the guilt of not tidying up picks at your brain and robs you of rest.

There are ways to defeat satan from robbing you of rest by tidying up your bedroom before going to bed at night and first thing in the morning.

It is great to get in the habit of making your bed every morning. This simple act gives you a sense of accomplishment which is a super way to start your day.

“It is vain for you to rise early and put off your rest at night, To eat bread earned by hard toil—all this God gives to his beloved in sleep.” Psalms 127:2

Sleep Peacefully

Lastly, before you close your eyes at the end of the day, be sure to thank God for the peaceful rest you are about to have. His warmth and peace envelop you as you drift off to a blissful night’s rest!

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