A Prayer for A Joyous Heart

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A Prayer for A Joyous Heart

Heavenly Father, thank you for your irrevocable love. Thank you for reaching down from above to me in my lowest state and lifting me high up to where you are. I am very grateful for this honor you have shown me, which fills my heart with joy, so I endeavor never to forget your goodness.

There is no one more faithful to me than you are because everything you say, you do, and there is no compromise when it comes to your word.

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But unfortunately, Faithful One, even though I try with all my heart to keep your love and faithfulness in mind, I sometimes waver when the challenges of life press hard against me.

So many times, I’m moved into a state of unbelief all at once because a negative situation manifests. At such times, it is tough to keep my composure, not to mention even keeping my joy.

It is hard to remember your previous mercy and how you saved me times before when life seemingly takes a left turn. When I’m faced with new challenges, it can be tough to bring to mind your sweet promises.

And even though you’ve sworn never to leave me, Father, I find myself asking where you’ve gone when peril strikes.

A Prayer for A Joyous Heart -

So, please teach me how to dance in the middle of the storm. Show my heart how to recall your goodness from times past when trouble knocks. And show me how to sing a song of joy despite what the circumstance may bring.

I want a genuinely joyous heart, Father, knowing that the kind of joy you give is independent of my physical situation but utterly dependent on what you’ve already provided for me in Christ Jesus.

Holy God, I desperately want to live in the consciousness of the reality of your presence, for in your presence, there is fullness of joy and pleasure at your right hand forever.

I want your glorious essence by the Spirit of Joy to overwhelm me, filling me to overflowing with excitement.

Your word has said that Joy is what draws water out of salvation’s well, and oh, how I want to draw from today forward. Again, your word said I have access to your presence when I come giving thanks to you.

So, Lord, no matter what may come, all I want to do is remember what you have said and give you thanks from a sincere heart. Because, when I’m conscious I’m in your courts, your peace and joy begin to flow in, and then I won’t be able to stop the songs of praise from flowing out of my heart.

Then the miracles will begin to manifest because it’s in my praise you delight yourself.

Father of Joy, it is high time I rejoiced. Train my heart in your joy. I want to be a medium of celebration for everyone around me. I desire for people to only look at me and have all their fears, depression, and desperation evaporate as they begin to realize that you have finished your work in Christ, that the end of the book has been written, and that all things will work in their favor.

I want to remain ever mindful that I’ve already won every battle, even before it starts.

Thank you forever, oh mighty God, for your overwhelming joy in my heart in Jesus Christ’s name. Amen.

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