A Prayer For God To Fill Up Our Empty Spirit

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Father of Glory, Lord of Light, I come before you now with praise. I say with all of my being that you are worthy of all honor and worship. Your glorious name is for me a covering, a bulwark, steadfast and sure. And so, I give you glory with all my heart, precious Redeemer of my soul.

There is none like you in all the earth who is as wise and none nearly as creative as you. You created me for your pleasure and with a purpose, even as you created all things.

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You have modeled my being like a vessel – a receptacle for everything good you have prepared. So, Father, you are blessed forever and ever.

Lover of my soul, as you now look upon me in your priceless love, heal my heart and my broken spirit. Lord, in recent times many things have happened that were debilitating. Challenges arose here and there, and I have been overstretched with labor.

The tediousness of everyday life – my work, family, finances, and many a care – is wearing me out. These days, I find myself sitting and stirring off into space with no particular thought on my mind. I get easily distracted as well. Oh, how my heartaches.

There seems to be this dilemma of feeling within me. One time, I feel so depressed; another time, I feel very anxious. Little things set me off, and nothing seems to bring any excitement or peace.

A Prayer For God To Fill Up Our Empty Spirit

God, I know you are everywhere, but many times when I call out to you, it seems as if you are nowhere to be found.

Then I look inside, searching for your word, looking for some scripture in my heart to answer the situation of things in my life, and I find myself at a loss. It’s as if I have no faith or knowledge, or wisdom of God.

It feels as if my spirit has cracked, and everything that links me to you has seeped out. And now, I find myself constantly going through the motions of a wayward world.

Oh, Lord, I need you. I need to be full of your goodness again – full of strength, full of hope, full of vision, full of clarity, full of peace, and full of life again. Renew my heart, oh God, and fill my spirit up again.

There’s no way I can get any further running on empty. I need your wisdom, your boldness, your encouragement, and most of all, your companionship once more. Fill my life up with your beauty again so I can glorify your holy name.

Set me apart, my God, and refurbish my heart, my mind, and my spirit. Do new work in me and revive my life. Please show me your marvelous power from within me. I want to experience a restoration like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.

I am ready for a new chapter in my story to be opened, and I’m prepared for my life to become a hallmark of praise and celebration of you and what you do.

I’m determined to sing again, Father, and I know you will give me a new song. I’m determined to dance again, and I have faith that you have prepared for me a new beat to dance to. I want the world to fall in love with you over the awesome things you will perform in me and for me.

So, I thank you now, Father of Restoration, for hearing my prayer and refilling my spirit; in Jesus Christ’s name, I pray. Amen.

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