A Prayer for Grandchildren

Lord, thank you for the blessing of seeing my grandchildren grow up. It means you have blessed me beyond measure (Proverbs 17:6).

You have given my life meaning and I thank you for honoring me with long life.

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I desire to see my grandchildren grow and become men and women who worship and serve you. 

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Give my grandchildren the wisdom to know how to live life the right way and to never deviate from your ways.

Many things threaten to take their attention from you but I ask you to turn their hearts toward you always (Psalm 14:2). Let the distractions of the world not take over them but keep their focus on your word and righteousness. 

Keep my grandchildren safe and away from dangers they cannot see.

Lead them away from paths of destruction and those who would cause them to sin against you.

Save them from anything that is harmful and those who want to take advantage of them. Increase their discernment to detect danger and go in the opposite direction. 

The bond of friendship is strong and I pray for godly friends for my grandchildren.

Give them divine connections with the friends you want them to keep.

Remove from their lives those who will lead them astray. Show them how to nurture their friendships so they can be fruitful.

Help them be good friends who care about others and stand with them during trying times. 

Teach them your ways and write your words in their hearts. Let them never forget your word wherever they go.

When they grow up, remind them to always read your word so they will prosper and succeed in all they do.

Your word has all the advice they will ever need in life. Keep them away from the counsel of the ungodly and wicked paths that will lead them to destruction.

You created each one of us for a purpose and I pray that my grandchildren will fulfill theirs.

Remove all obstacles that would make them not reach their destiny.

Deliver them from the enemy who wants to stop them from fulfilling your purpose for their lives.

May your purpose for their lives prevail even above their plans for themselves. 

Guide my grandchildren in all areas of their lives and may your light shine on their ways. 

In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen. 

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