A Prayer For Monday

Mondays can be hard for some of us. So join us as we say a Prayer For Monday Morning.

Father God, I thank you for waking me up on this beautiful Monday morning.

Thank you because your mercies are renewed each morning.

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Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work another week and provide for my family.

Lamentations 3:22-23 bible verse

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. Lamentations 3:22-23

Even though there is much to be done, I pray that you would help me not to be anxious, but to be encouraged by the presence of your Holy Spirit within me.

I know that I am bound to encounter difficulties and setbacks throughout the week. But I also know that you will give me the ability to overcome them and glorify you through them.

Lord, I pray that today would be a productive and fruitful day. Help me to work diligently and heartily, knowing that all that I do is ultimately in service to you.

Help me to use the gifts and talents you’ve given me to serve those around me in love.

Father, don’t let today be just another Monday. Help me to see today not as a duty, but as a privilege.

Remove this feeling of dread from my heart, and help me to see today as a brand new opportunity to live this wonderful and unique life you’ve given me.

Give me a positive, joyful attitude. Give me the motivation and the energy I need to not only make it through the day, but to cherish it.

God, I pray that you would deliver me from my tendency toward grumbling and complaining. Instead, help me to be appreciative of the many blessings you’ve given me.

Today is the day that you have made; and so, I will rejoice and be glad in it.

psalm 118:24

This is the day that Yahweh has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it! Psalm 118:24

Lord, whatever burdens are on my heart, I pray that you would take them from me now.

Help me to put aside the past worries that have been bothering me and look ahead to the bright future you have for me.

Many things are out of my control, but God, I am trusting that you are sovereign over all.

Finally, God, I pray that on this Monday you would help me to be a powerful witness for you. Let everything I think, say, and do be pleasing to you.

Help me to show your love to everyone around me – from my coworkers to my family to strangers on the street. When people interact with me, let them see your radiant love and peace inside of me.

And Lord, as I go through the rest of the week, I pray these same things for each day, for I am weak; but you are strong.

Your grace is sufficient for me in my weakness, and every morning your mercies are new.

Father, for as long as I live, I will never stop needing you. And so each day, I ask that you would renew me.

Fill me with your strength and courage. Let me be an instrument for your glory at all times, no matter the circumstances. I pray all of this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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Monday Prayer To Get Through The Week

Dear God, I thank you for the gift of life and purpose. You have made me and placed me in the place and time. Nothing I am and would become is strange to You. My times and seasons are resident in your heart.

Dear Father, I pray that as I begin the new week, You will guide me to live and walk in purpose. I pray that You will protect me from wicked and unreasonable men and cause me to shed Your light in all I do. Lord, bless me and cause me to be humble and have a quiet spirit at my workplace and in my interactions with friends and family.

As I work this week, I want to serve you with my strength, words, actions, and reactions. Help me to love men and see them as you see me in Christ Jesus. Thank You, Lord, for doing exceedingly above all I could ever think or imagine. Amen.

Monday Prayer To Get Through The Storm

Lord, I want to stay in my bed and let the bad days pass me. I have no will to get up and face this new week. I am like a child, willing to hide beneath the covers cowering in fear and letting life win this round. Yet, I remember that You are my Father and promised never to leave or forsake me.

So Dear Father, I come humbly before You, acquiescing that I have no powers nor strength to face these storms. I ask that You walk me through the bad days and guide me when my strength fails.

Father, You have been my close companion, and I know I can trust You. So, I am willing to place my hands in Yours, even as I walk through the turbulent water and fiercest fires.

I pray that You help me to obey Your instructions to jump into the deep, even when I would rather stay on the shores of life. Dear Lord, I know these storms will pass, and I will come out victorious. So, I choose to forget logic and reasoning ad hold on to You. I love You, Father, and I know that You have perfect and grand plans for me. Thank You for leading me per time. Amen.

Monday Prayer Of Thanksgiving

Thank You, Father, for this is the day You have made. I will rejoice and be glad indeed. You have blessed me with a sound mind and health and have placed me on the path of purpose. Thank You, Lord, for my work and all the people around me. You have given me a family and loved ones that push me to become the best version of myself. 

I thank You for my growth and experiences as I walk to please You daily. You have been with me through the dark and trying times and have danced with me when I had victory.

I thank You for the new week because I know that You will be with me through it. Thank you for the new challenges the week will bring and the people I will meet. I thank You for the tests and trials of the week, knowing that it is a new growth stage for me.

I thank You in advance for the tiring moments and the sleepless nights. Help me, Lord, handle all that life has for me with humility and grace this new week. Amen.

Monday Morning Prayer To Overcome Temptation

Dear Father, my desire beyond all else is to live and pattern my life after Christ and be worthy of His calling. I want to be a beacon of light at work, church, and home. I desperately yearn to grow in my Faith and live out the love walk, showing mercy and love to those around me.

Yet, I often fail at being the person You want me to be, and I realize that I cannot live like You by my strength.

So, Lord, I come humbly before You to ask for help in this time of need. The temptations get stronger as I yearn to live a holy and quiet life. You have promised I will not face a greater temptation than I can bear, but I do not want to face even the littlest parts of life without You.

So, I surrender my will and heart to You. I pray for seeing eyes and hearing ears. I pray that You take charge of my emotions, feelings, and reaction, tuning them to Your will.

If I fall into these temptations as I live through the week, help me remember that You are a prodigal Father that loves me regardless. Remind me of Your never failing love and compassion. Thank You, Father, for loving me as much as You do. Amen.

Monday Morning Prayer For The Work Week

Dear Father, I thank You for the excellence of creation. All that You do is perfect and good, and no ill-will comes from You. I see that You have carefully thought out the patterns and workings of man, and Your plans are without fault. Thank You for placing me in this time and age. This is all part of Your timeless plan for me.

Lord, I realize that You have given me work for Your good pleasure, and I must serve as a sacrifice unto You at my workplace. Lord, I pray that You help me to be accountable and honest in my work this week. Lord, I ask for direction and clarity as I make decisions and choices at work.

Dear Jesus, help me to be gracious and helpful in my interaction with those around me. And when work gets tedious and challenging, I ask that You will help me to be graceful and maintain my peace. I pray that You lead me to work hard without pretense as I serve humanity. Thank You for always loving me. Amen.

Monday Morning Prayer For The School Week

Dear Father, I give thanks for intuition and intellect. Thank You for the ability to comprehend concepts. Lord, You have blessed me with helpful teachers, always seeking to impart knowledge.

Lord, as I commence the school week, I pray for speed and precision in my work and studies. I pray that You will help me defeat procrastination in all its forms and bless me with a sound mind.

As the days go by, I ask that You help me be willing to learn and be respectful to all around me. Help me to be cautious and graceful to my mates and teach me to love those who are overbearing and annoying.

Lord, in all things, help me to stand up for the truth and justice. Give me wisdom when dealing with my assessments, tests, and assignments, and always remind me to see all I do as service. Thank You for blessing me with all riches in Heavenly places. Amen. 

Monday Morning Prayer For Blessing

Lord, I thank You for this is the day that You have made; I rejoice and am glad as I see the beauty and splendor of Your creation. You are a loving Father, and You provide for all the needs of the creature You have artistically made. I praise You for the weather and climate. I thank You for sustenance and health.

Dear Lord, a new week begins today. It is full of promises and hopes, yet, I know that there are perils that lie in the shadows. I ask, dear Lord, that You will help me fix my gaze on Jesus, even as the week passes. I pray that in the trials and tests of the week, You will help me to count my blessings.

Lord Jesus, I ask that You create new paths of blessings for me and give me insight into Your purpose for the week. I pray that I will seek to glorify You in all I do. Please help me to bring men to Jesu by my actions, conduct, and choices.

This, to me, is the greatest blessing of all. Thank You for always leading me to the still and quiet paths, where You have provided rest and blessings. Amen.

Monday Morning Prayer For My Children 

Dear Lord, children are a heritage from You, and with each passing day, it is a blessing to see them fall deeper in love with You. Thank you for blessing me with the promise of a generation of God’s generals that will lead the people in their time to fear the Lord.

Lord, I pray they will be like arrows in a warrior’s hands as they start the new week. I ask that You will equip them with all that they need for the events that lay ahead. In mercy, I pray that You will lift them in Your arms when their strength fails them and give them instructions on the right choices and decisions.

Lord, these children are for signs and wonders in the land. I pray that if they lose their way and fall into darkness, You will shine Your Truth in their path and help them to find succor in You. I trust that they are safe at Your watch.

This gives me the confidence that they will excel in their careers and school. Thank You for loving them more than I ever will. Teach me to surrender all my worries and fears concerning them to You. Amen.

Monday Morning Prayer For My Wife 

Dear Jesus, Thank you for blessing my life with a helper, friend, and lover. She is my burden bearer and carries a load of care with ease and grace. I love that she is helpful and tender in her love for me, and my most significant gift is that she fears You.

You have made every inch of her a perfect salve for my needs, and I am in awe of Your artistry.

Dear Father, I pray for my wife this new week with a sincere and grateful heart that You bless her comings and goings. Lord, I ask that You fill her with never-ending strength and become her confidant when she cannot confide in me. I pray that You bless her with wisdom and a quiet spirit as she carries out her duties.

Please help me to be attuned to her needs and be gentle when she needs to talk. I ask that Your Holy Spirit helps me to love her as Christ loves the church and gave Himself up for her. Thank You, Lord, for this gift of love, friendship, and family. Teach me to live in purpose as the head of my home. Amen.

Monday Morning Prayer For My Husband

Lord Jesus, I thank You for the gift of family and love. You have given me a man after Your heart to serve with me in this marriage. Lord, I love that he loves You and yearns to do Your will wholeheartedly. You have placed us together, and we have an excellent reward for our labor.

Lord, I pray that You bless him with favor and grace as he starts this week. I ask that You give him clarity as he makes decisions at work and at home. Please help him to treat all that he meets with grace and sincerity. I pray, dear Lord, that You deliver him from wicked and unreasonable men.

Dear Father, I pray that You crown his efforts with success as he works hard. I pray that You help me love and submit to him as he leads the home after Christ. Help me to be sensitive to his needs and love him as I should. Help us both to submit to You as the head of our home. Amen.

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