Prayers For My Boyfriend

A Prayer For My Boyfriend

Almighty Father, the greatest protector of all. The Alpha and Omega. I bow before you and thank you for the protection and grace bestowed upon me. You are the creator of all virtues and values.

Lord, today I ask for your mercy and kindness to guide my boyfriend, the person who is closest to my heart.

I pray that you let him possess the strength to overcome every battle he will face. With genuine sincerity and trust in my heart, I pray for my wonderful boyfriend to continue to be strong against all the challenges of life.

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I ask that you give my boyfriend wisdom and the knowledge he needs to stand strong against all of life’s challenges and hardships.

Give him the bounty of physical strength that he may be able to execute the tasks entrusted to him so that he can provide for all the people and entities that depend on his works and labor.

Prayer For My Boyfriend

I pray that the fruits of his labor will give him the courage to stay humble in fears, joy, success, or failures.

May he always resort to your greatness in times of need, doubts, and confusion that he may be able to turn all his pains into substantial principles. May these substantial principles serve as his support to rely on your presence and promises in his life and his purpose. Remind him that you, Lord, are the source of strength.

Keep him mentally and emotionally focused on you so that his heart is protected from all of the temptations the enemy wants to offer.

Let his heart be strong enough to be to keep discouragements at bay.

Direct him to the life you want him to serve for the good of all his surroundings, and the fulfillment of your plans.

Keep him attached to your will that he will firmly hold on to your word and commandments. May you give him the kind of strength that he will continue to abide by the path that you have paved for him even if it does not go with his personal plans.

Lead him, Lord, that he will live a life as your steward. Let him see the gift of life that you have given him and may he accept your intentions for him.

Jeremiah 29:11 says For I know the thoughts that I think toward you,” says the Lord, “thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you hope and a future.

In other words, Lord, You have His life’s path in your hands.

I ask that you open doors of blessings in his life and that he in turn take these blessings to bless others. 

Please, Lord, give him the strongest support and guidance in every struggle and distraction that he will encounter. Bless him spiritually that he will become strong enough to reject the works of evil in his life.

Bless him that he will have the courage to accept his weaknesses and imperfections. As imperfect as he is, forgives his mistakes and shortcomings.

Cleanse his heart and mind that he may be able to focus on his mission here on Earth for the sake of the Gospel.

May his strength ever be glowing and may it radiate towards others to inspire and motivate. Make him be like you, Oh Lord!

Let there be an overflow of blessing in our relationship and help us get through what at times seems like a difficult time. help us to remember that your path is the path to success for any relationship and you alone are the source of happiness.

Thank you for my boyfriend and thank you for the blessings we received.

This I pray, Almighty Father, in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

Good Morning Prayer For My Boyfriend

Lovely morning to you, sweetheart! I woke this morning with you on my mind as usual. Just thinking about how wonderful it’s been being with you made me so grateful, and so I thought I’d pray for you to show my love and be a blessing to you. I know how God is the center of your world, and it’s been a fantastic time sharing that world with you.

Dearest Father, you know me more than I could ever know myself. You see my needs and desires, and you always make plans for my life. And so, I want to thank you for bringing this amazing man into my life. I’m so grateful this morning for him being in my life.

I thank you, God, for the opportunity to love this man who I believe you have set for me, and I’m so ecstatic about the love you have given him for me.

Lord, your word teaches us to pray for one another, especially those we love. I am, therefore, bringing my boyfriend before you this morning to lift all that concerns his life and his day before you.

Father God, I pray, even as the sun begins to shine on my boyfriend this morning, that your light of wisdom begins to shine down on his mind. Teach him, Father, the steps to take to lead him into his ultimate successes.

Gracious Father, thank you for giving my boyfriend another day to wake up and live with a heart of celebration and thankfulness. Thank you for the strength you have given him in body and mind this morning. Lord, I ask that as he washes his face this morning, you wash away every negativity that may be hiding unknown to him in his thoughts and heart.

Righteous Lord, even as you won’t allow evil in your presence, I refuse to allow any form of evil to take hold in my boyfriend’s life today, starting from this very moment. Therefore, by your authority, Lord, I stop every plan of the enemy targeted at him right now.

I know the enemy is always seeking to steal, kill and destroy. And so, Mighty God, I ask that you keep him from all forms of temptation today and make him strong in will and spirit to resist every wile of the enemy today.

Father, please keep his eyes focused on you and what you are pleased with. I ask that you keep a hedge of protection over his life.

God, renew in my boyfriend’s heart and soul a deep and well-entrenched passion for you and your word this morning because that’s how he’d be able to keep his way pure. Let your righteousness and kingdom be foremost on his mind at all times today and always.

Also, Dear God, preserve us together in the purity of body and heart. We only want to please you. Keep far from sin that comes through lust.

Lord, he is your son and you know all that he needs in life. So please, Good God, go on taking care of him and supply all of his needs. I can’t supply all he needs, even if I so desperately want to. So, Lord, provide his every need according to your extraordinary treasure reserves in heaven. Give him the wisdom he requires today and take care of every emergency he encounters.

I’m so thankful because you always listen and respond to me with astonishing miracles. And this is another opportunity I’ve created to see your mighty works in my boyfriend’s life in Jesus Christ’s name, I pray. Amen.

Short Prayers For My Boyfriend

Prayer For Boyfriend’s Safety

Prayer For Boyfriend's Safety

Lord God, I pray for my boyfriend’s safety. Help him find the courage and strength to face the future with hope. May he see You as his protector and guide him through these difficult times. Please keep him safe and protect him from all harm. Please provide for him. Please help him grow strong in You. Thank You for his safety, help, and protection in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Prayer For Boyfriend’s Health

Dear God, I pray for my boyfriend’s health. Help him to live a long, happy, and healthy life. Give him strength and perseverance to continue on his journey of growth and strength in You. Lord, please give him healing, hope, and peace in You. Thank You for the

Prayer For Boyfriend’s Salvation

Prayer For Boyfriend's Salvation

Lord, please give me the strength to face the day ahead. I’m worried for my boyfriend’s soul, and I pray that he would know Christ, so that he may have eternal life. Soften his hardened heart so that he may accept you as his personal Lord and Savior. Uproot him from the hands of the enemy. In the name of Jesus, I pray.

Prayer Thanking You For Boyfriend’s Salvation

Heavenly Father, I thank You for saving my boyfriend through Your Son. He was once lost in his sins, but now he has been washed and sanctified. Thank You, Lord, for his salvation. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Prayer For My Boyfriend To Get a Job

Lord, please help my boyfriend get a job, and also keep him from being in debt. Guide him as he is in this job-seeking process. Dear God, please bless my boyfriend with a good job. Once he finds a job help him to work hard at the job you bless him with. Please help him pay his bills I ask You to help me with my boyfriend. In Jesus Name, I pray, Amen.

A Prayer For My Boyfriend For Strength

Heavenly Father, I pray to you, to help my boyfriend during these difficult times. give him the strength he needs to press on and to keep his eyes on you. Help him to walk tall with every step he takes. Show him how to work through all of his problems and concerns. Keep him strong and keep him focused on the things that are important. In the name of Jesus, I pray.

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