A Prayer to Find Shelter in God

A Prayer to Find Shelter in God

Father in heaven, thank You for loving me. Thank You for sending Your son, Jesus Christ, for giving His life so I can live in You. For all you’ve done and constantly do through him, I am so mightily grateful.

You made the sun with its brilliance, the moon with its tranquility, the stars with their elegance, the expansive, unending sky, a wrapping for this delightful planet you prepared to encase the multifaceted gifts of mankind. You are more than worthy of praise, and so I bring to myself, my life, as a living, daily tribute to your great glory, Almighty God.

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I am grateful for the earth I live in, the city I now reside in, the roof over my head, and everything here that makes it home. Thank You, good Father, for my wonderful family; each member with their unique personalities and qualities has made my life the unusual but exciting experience it is today, and they continue to do so.

I am most grateful to be connected directly to you, say to you what I want, ask you what I like, and get to know you are like and what you like. This reality is too special to me and is many times very moving. That the great God, the awesome Creator, would relate personally with me, would listen to me, and respond in kindness? How awesome is this!

And because of this, loving Father, I am determined to stay with you – to stay in you. I don’t want to be anywhere else outside your loving embrace. I want to rest under the shadow of your awesome wings. I want to abide amid your clouds of glory. I want to sit in the shade of your mighty throne.

Oh, Father, I am ready. Draw me in closer to yourself. Wrap me up tighter in the train of your glorious robes. Dear, let me sit by your side in the tabernacle of your majesty, so I can hear the sweet words that you always speak.

I have looked around me, Lord. And I have found nowhere to lay my head in safety aside from you. The world offers insurance, but that is not safety.

Government policies fail to provide care for the weak. Charities fail to feed the hungry. Science does not know everything about the future. Economy experts fumble under the sheer pressure of the global financial strain. As a result, the globe is spinning into chaos.

Father, these things happen because many people have ignored you. So many, yet don’t know you. And the few that know about you struggle to trust you. But I trust you and will ever trust in you.

Many lack shelter. Children cry out for care. Adults cry out for security. And many more yet lack the true shelter – the shelter of the heart.
Everlasting Father, I pray now to be found in you always, to find shelter in you every new day. My heart’s cry, now and forever, is to be hidden in you, in the covering of your Word, in the shelter of your house, according to your excellent will, oh Lord.

Thank you for hearing me and for listening to the call of my heart in the name of your Holy Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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