A Prayer To Remember There is Hope When You Are Weary

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A Prayer To Remember There is Hope When You Are Weary

Oh Lord, God of Heaven and Earth, thank you for every opportunity to come before you in prayer. Thank you for always having my back at every turn of my life. Thank you for your presence within me. I’m so grateful for all the times in the past you answered me. I do not take for granted this free and easy access I have to you through Jesus Christ Your Son.

Since you came into my life and our relationship began, it has been from one level of progress to another, one altitude of growth to the other. And for every time I fell backward, you came to my rescue and pulled me back up again, re-establishing me in your mercy.

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Indeed you are a good God, a Faithful Father, a merciful king. But, if you decided to count my shortcomings against me, certainly, I won’t stand.

Or, if you chose to turn your back against me when I gave up, it is more than factual that I would not be here talking to you now. All of your mercies and grace to me has definitely been extreme, and I attest the what the Psalmist said over and over again: “For the Lord is good and His mercy endures forever.”

A Prayer To Remember There is Hope When You Are Weary

I’m doubly sure I can count on you, Father. I’m so confident in your compassion and restoration that whenever I get tired when I get weak when I feel weary from fighting the battles of this life, I can count on you to help me. You have always picked up my slack. You have always shown me the way out. Even now, Lord, when all around seems bleak, and the load of each day feels heavy; only you are my hope, my help from ages past.

When I am afraid, I will trust in you. Your presence in any situation quells the struggle. When all hope is lost, you always show up. You’ve done it before. Most assuredly, you will do it again. You always finish what you started. You never leave a project halfway done. And I know you are working hard on my life. I know I will see the end of every struggle. I’m sure I will witness the termination of every pain.

All that’s left to do now is worship you, Lord. All that remains to do is to glorify your name. Because you see the end from the beginning, I have complete faith in you. Because you saw me back then and knew my course, I will rest in hope.

There is nothing like a friend who knows your pain and understands your toil. And there is nothing like a doctor who knows the cure to what ails you. And Father, you’ve been both. But, the truth is you’ve been so much more. And now that I remember this, I know I will see the end of every weakness. Yes, I will.

Now, my God and Helper, the Rock of Hope on which I stand, let your will be perfected in me and let your light be fully manifest in me forever. In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen.

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