A Prayer to Remind You That You Are More Than a Conqueror

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A Prayer to Remind You That You Are More Than a Conqueror

All glory, honor, and praise belong to you, Loving Father. No one is more worthy of the adoration and worship that comes from my heart.

There is simply no other like you in all of creation as nothing is self-existent, or even less, self-created.

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No one knows the thoughts of my mind and the intricacies of my soul like you. You see the very reins of my being because you fashioned my existence, and you planned every moment of my life through your chosen one, Christ Jesus.

Lord, I praise you because nothing can stand against you. No one can look you in the eye stand, even Moses couldn’t handle just a glimpse of Your presence.

No one can out-debate you in an argument, nor can any stand against you and prevail in battle. No one can wage war against you and hope to survive. You are entirely invincible, strong, and mighty God.

I’m left in awe of your nature every time I dare to ponder on your majesty. And it is an even more awesome fact that you have established your righteousness in me through.

When our sin stood before you, threatening to separate us from you forever, you sent your Son to defeat sin and death eternally.
Triumphing over all principalities and powers, making them a spectacle for all eyes to see and know how much more than a victorious conqueror you are, through Him you settled your work.

You have stretched out your arms of love and salvation to me through Christ Jesus. You have given me your very essence, the exact nature Jesus had in himself on the earth, and even more so, for He is risen from the dead. And He is seated high, far above principalities and powers, bearing the most powerful name that anyone could ever own, and highly exalted forever.

And I am in Him, seated far above them with Him, holding the same mighty name that no other can rival. And all authority and majesty accorded to Him, because of His victory over everything, is accorded to me as well because I am in Him and with Him.

Now I ask myself, what can stand against me? Who can threaten me? And what could hurt me? The Father has willed all His glorious power to His Son, and the Son shares this same power and authority with me through His powerful name because we are joint-heirs.

So, what power on earth or beneath the earth can put me under subjection when I, through Christ Jesus, am more than a conqueror. Because without sweat and stress, I have received a victory over sin and death that I couldn’t begin even to fathom, and this is a gift from your hand, Almighty God.

What praise can be measured to weigh in on what you have done for me through your exceeding greatness?

I am more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus, my Lord. For you have placed the Spirit of Christ in me, and your word said that this very Spirit raised Jesus from the dead.

So, now I thank you, Heavenly Father because resurrection power is vested in me by the Spirit of Christ given to me.

Death can’t even stand against me. No weapon formed against me can prosper because you said so, Father God. You are for me, and if so, who then can be against me?

Oh Lord, I praise you forever and ever for indisputable, undeniable victories in the name of Jesus Christ, the most potent name there is. Amen.

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