A Prayer To Surrender Our Desires To Christ

Dear Father, I thank You for loving above and beyond my imagination. You are indeed a good Father, and You always work all things for my good. But, Lord, I am only human and can only see what plays out within my immediate future.

A Prayer To Surrender Our Desires To Christ

Therefore, my thoughts are myopic, and my desires are little, far less than what You have in store for me.

Lord Jesus, I come to You today in surrender. I give You my plans and desires, and I ask that You use me as You please. Give me the courage to be still and know that You are working all things for my good. Lord, I desire greatness, and I have the zeal to do excellent things with my life. I desire to achieve so much for You and represent Your name.

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But, I also want to follow my dreams and have things fall in the right places for me in my own time. I am strong-willed, and sometimes, I am stubborn.

Dear Jesus, I ask that Your Holy Spirit teach me the way of the kingdom. I pray to learn the kingdom principles that govern submission and surrender. Lord, I pray to understand You and let You work Your will in me to act in accordance with Your purpose.

Lord, I am weak and feeble in my desires for selfishness. I am prone to walk amiss and dismiss Your instructions in my quest to carry out the desires of my heart.

Dear Jesus, help me to see beyond my present desires. Help me study the Word with a quiet spirit when I am most tempted to go astray.

I ask that You will help me to draw strength for stillness and patience from the resident Holy Spirit within me.

And in the times when I allow my flesh to win and go through with my plans against Your will, help me to see Your love. I pray that in these times, I do not run further away from You, but I come to Your feet. I pray that You remind me that nothing can separate me from Your love. I pray that You help me to develop a broken spirit and a contrite heart.

Lord, I pray to know You more until all of my will and desires revolve around You. I pray that the world and its pleasures lose their grip on me, and I fix my gaze with steady eyes on the cross. I pray that You make me one with You and teach me the precepts of the kingdom. Take my will and desires for pleasure and greed. Let me be a spirit-led Christian.

From now on, nothing stands in Your place as Lord and ruler of my life. I become intentional about setting You in my heart as King and Father.

I am Yours alone; my thoughts, plans, and desires are Yours, Lord. Do with me as You please. I thank You, Lord, for loving me above all else. Amen.

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