A Revelation In Shopping

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Christmas Shopping With Purpose

This Is What Happens When Jesus Shops With You!

Our day of planned Christmas shopping had arrived. My family eagerly awoke with the anticipation of searching for that perfect gift for loved ones. This year would be a little different though. We would also shop for some things for those in need.

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Shopping Cheer

The annual shopping day has become a tradition where we make a full day of shopping, lunch, and a movie. With coats, mittens, hats, and smiles on, we all piled into the car for our yearly pilgrimage to the mall.

Upon arrival at the mall, each family member was given an allotted amount of money with a list of gifts to also purchase for the needy. We all synced our watches and agreed to meet back in the food court for lunch. But before we all headed into different directions, we quickly prayed together that Christ would watch over us, and help us to choose our gifts wisely.

I was not sure how this year’s shopping trip would go because when you have teenagers with money in hand, the outcome may be different than what you had imagined. My husband and I were trusting them to make good decisions in their purchases.

Lunch With A Surprise

It was time to meet everyone back in the food court, and as I made my way there, I could see my family all at one table with various shopping bags around the floor.

It appeared as if the shopping spree was successful. Each of their faces had big smiles, and the excitement as they talked about their purchases was rather intriguing.

Were these my children?

The ones that usually complain about our Christmas shopping trip?

As I sat down, everyone began to talk at once. Halting them, I said, “One at a time.” My husband said, “You are not going to believe this.” As they all explained what they had done, I was in shock because I did the same thing!

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Delivering Our Gifts

We took the gifts we had purchased for the needy and hand delivered some to families we knew that was going through hard times. We took some to the homeless who were along the walkways downtown, and lastly, we dropped a few off at a shelter that houses single mothers and children.

Our hearts were bursting with love and joy that we had given back to someone less fortunate than ourselves.

Shopping With Jesus

Now I get to tell you the exciting part of the story! We each did our shopping, we purchased an array of gifts, the shopping bags filled our car, and our hearts were overjoyed.

This year’s annual family Christmas shopping day changed our lives forever.

For we did not purchase gifts for our loved ones as planned, we each felt compelled to put the money we had in hand towards purchasing for the needy. For we as a family were not in need and were blessed beyond measure.

Jesus had led each of us to shop for those that won’t have gifts under their tree, and for those that need to feel the love of Jesus.

My husband and I were so proud of our kids for what they had done. The gifts under our tree were a little sparse this year because we gave to others.

Our kids were ok with that, in fact, they said that the blessing they received in giving was far more than something that could be wrapped up and placed under the tree.

You see, this is what happens when Jesus goes shopping with you!

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