A Thankful Prayer For All That God Provides

A Thankful Prayer for All That God Provides

Heavenly Father, how great is your faithfulness to me. All praise and glory, might, and dominion truly belongs to you. Therefore, I bring a sacrifice of worship from my heart by the fruit of my lips because you are more than deserving of all adoration and absolute devotion.

I submit my very soul under your majesty to give all that you require of me, and that very well, for you alone gave me everything I possess.

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Mighty God, King of the universe, I bow my very heart before you in extreme gratitude for the magnanimity of your providence. How worthy you are of the sweetest songs and most holy of thoughts. My heart and mouth could go on and on in eulogy for your excessive goodness, but nothing could match the weight of your most wonderful kindness.

First of all, you created everything we perceive and a great many we do not perceive. Before we were made, you prepared the earth, and, in your preeminence, you committed the whole creation to mankind. Oh, how great is your foresight, Lord God.

For even when you knew we would fail you and give our inheritance away, you did not stop your goodness because you had already made the way.

Great Father, you refused to stop in your kindness that you sought an opportunity to continue to give to us, even in the wake of our blatant failure, that you sacrificed your best, that which you treasured the most, to save us. How you so loved us that you gave your only Son – your best – solely to rescue us and redeem us from our slavery back to yourself. You committed your best in faith that we would willingly receive and see our lives transformed.

A Thankful Prayer

Sovereign Lord, even I have received this majestic compassion and have experienced but a taste of this graciousness. And oh, how sweet is the flavor of your love, the voluptuous fragrance of your mercy. How grateful I am for the immeasurable gift of your most beloved one, Jesus Christ the Son.

Such thankfulness overwhelms my heart for the providence of the substitute. For I was all for sure lost, and there appeared no way I could be found by anyone else, but through this outstanding provision, your ultimate submission, you found me and made me just like you. This is the greatest of all you have provided. Nothing compares to this. And I want to thank you for this, Kindest Father.

And to mention but a few footnotes to your most significant provision, God, I thank you for giving me a fantastic family. In all their uniqueness and limitations, they are mine – because you gave them to me and me to them. For this, I’m thankful. You have provided us with your incredible peace in a world that is wholly in tumult.

I am so full of praise for you. For food on our tables, roofs over our heads, lighting in the dark places, a country to call our own, friends who are loyal, even enemies who coerce us to run to you, for every good time and every bad time, even for time itself – oh, how precious – Father of Life, I bless you.

It is written, “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord,” even so, I say: Creator of everything, I am thankful for all you provide. In Jesus Christ’s name, I pray. Amen.

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