Be Still And Know That I Am God: When Life Doesn’t Make Sense

How do you deal with difficult seasons?  For example, when people abandon you or when you struggle to put food on the table? How do you remain still when all you want to do is lash out or revenge on someone that is consistently hurting you?

Well, the Bible tells us that we should be still and know that he is God.  This means that even though it is difficult, we can remain still in the middle of trial.

“Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations. I will be exalted in the earth.” Psalm 46:10

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What does it mean to be still and know that he is God?

  • Being still and knowing that he is God means standing firm on the promises of God when all odds are against you.
  • It means praising God when all you want to do is sit there and sulk about what has happened.
  • Being still means that you know God will come through for you no matter how long it takes.

Why do we go through Challenges?

God wants to teach us something

We serve a loving father who cares about our character.  There are times he chastens us so that we can be Christ-like.  So you need to know that not every challenge is from the enemy.  Maybe what you are going through is God’s way of developing your character. (Hebrews 12:6-11)

The enemy is attacking you

Other times it is the enemy who is attacking you so that he can derail and discourage you.  The enemy intensifies his attack upon the children of God when they are about to receive their breakthroughs.  You need to submit to God and resist the devil. When you do that, he flees from you.

 Our own Mistakes

Sometimes we go through challenges because of our own mistakes.  We do things that are not in accordance with the word of God and therefore open the door for the enemy to attack us.  But God is gracious even when we make mistakes, he forgives us and leads us in the right path. Turn to him, ask him for forgiveness, and change your ways.

Now we need to understand one thing that being still does not mean sitting there and not doing anything.  When God says be still, it means actively waiting for His promises to come true in our lives.  

But how do we remain still in the storm?

By Holding on Firmly to his Word

Yes, right now, it doesn’t seem like anything is going right.  Instead of reaping the harvest, it seems like things are working against you.  God seems far away, and the devil seems to be winning.

No matter what, it looks like keep on holding firmly to the Word of God.  Even though Abraham was old and aware that Sarah was barren, he held onto the promise that God had given him. Abraham knew that God was faithful, he would fulfill his promise one day.  It took 25 years, but Abraham eventually had Isaac.

By faith, even Sarah herself received power to conceive, and she bore a child when she was past age, since she counted him faithful who had promised. Hebrews 11:11

It may be taking longer for God’s promise to manifest in your life, but always remember that the word is true.  God will never deny his promises; he is keen on fulfilling them.

Pray and Fast

The truth is you cannot remain still when you’re not walking in the path God has laid out for you.  You cannot use your own strength to remain still and confident in God.  You need to be in constant communion with God so that he can strengthen and encourage you to keep on fighting and holding on.

How do you do that?

Through prayer and fasting.  It is through prayer and fasting that we strengthen ourselves in the Lord, and we can hear what he is telling us.  Do not look at God as your enemy when you’re going through a difficult time.  Know that he loves you so much, and he has your best interests at heart.

 In conclusion

It is easy to tell someone to be still and trust God, but it is hard to put that into practice.  You may find it easy to quit and walk away from the things of God.  But doing that will only cause you to continue walking in a cycle of defeat.  Hold firmly to the promises of God, pray, and fast.  

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