Beauty Through The Eyes Of God

Our society’s idea of beauty is very different from the way our Lord sees beauty. In our society the younger you look no matter what your age the more acceptable you are. It puts women on a constant search for the fountain of youth and eternal beauty.

This false idea of beauty is very detrimental to our spiritual health. Beauty should always be defined by the fact that we have been made in the image and likeness of God. This fact alone should be enough to boost our self-confidence even if when we look in the mirror we don’t fit in with society’s idea of beauty.

The most important type of beauty is one that is found inside. This is our spiritual beauty.

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If we look around us we will often see many people going to the gym trying to stay healthy and fit. They are willing to spend several dollars trying the latest diet and the latest health fad to see if they can keep fit for as long as possible.

While nothing is wrong with this all of us should also spend time developing our spiritual fitness. If we find that our spiritual fitness is lacking, shouldn’t we be spending as much time as possible trying to improve it?

Let us examine some of the keys to spiritual fitness.

  1. Read Your Bible DailyReading your Bible will nourish your mind and spirit so that you become knowledgeable about the word of God and his will for mankind.
  2. Pray Unceasingly-Praying unceasing builds your spiritual muscles and allows you to constantly be in communication with the one who created you in his image.
  3. Share The Word Of God-Sharing the word of God with others is another way that you can show off your spiritual fitness. Sometimes it takes a lot of courage to share our salvation with others but this is one of the best ways that we can encourage ourselves and others and develop our spiritual fitness.
  4. Live Christlike– If we want to show the beauty of Christ within us then we must live our lives in a way that shows off Jesus’ character. This is perhaps one of the most important things about being a Christian. People watch our actions and how we live more than anything else and this means that we should be conscious about whether or not the beauty of God is shining through us.

Why should we worry so much about our flesh which will eventually deteriorate once we die and give no thought to the beauty of our souls which will live eternally? Ironically, when we focus on spiritual beauty first and focus on physical beauty afterwards we tend to become even more radiant even if we never attain physical perfection.

The light and beauty of God inside us shines so brightly it covers up some of our biggest physical flaws as our soul begins to reflect the beauty of God to those around us.

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