Bedtime Prayer

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Bedtime Prayer

Lord, thank you for a wonderful day and for bringing me back home.

You are a loving Father who watches over me day and night and that gives me a lot of comfort.

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My mind is at peace knowing I can count on you at all times to keep me safe and within your hedge of protection.

As I prepare to sleep tonight, I meditate on your unfailing love which you shower me with each day.

You are always patient and kind toward me and that does not depend on anything I have done.

It is because I am your child whom you love.

Thank you for helping me with my work today and for removing obstacles from my path.

With your help, I finished all my assignments for the day and I even had time to talk with you throughout the day.

I feel refreshed whenever I talk to you about my day and how it is fairing on.

Calm my mind from the turmoil it has experienced and help me be still and hear your voice (Psalm 46:10).

You always have a lot to say to me and I enjoy hearing you speak. Your words are food for my spirit and they strengthen me to face each day.

I unburden my heart before I sleep so I can have a night of peace and rest.

Help me not to worry about anything but to always remember to pray over all that troubles me.

Tonight I will rest knowing you are taking care of all my challenges according to your promise in Psalm 34:19.

Be my shield and protect me from any unforeseen danger as I sleep. Protect me from nightmares and terrors of the night (Psalm 91:5).

Send your angels to encamp around me and my family and to keep the enemy away from us.

I am at peace because I know you are watching over me for you never sleep nor slumber.

May your hope fill my heart and cause me to always look forward to a new day filled with your blessing.

In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

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