Benefits Of Abiding In Christ

Do you enjoy being a Christian?

Can you genuinely say that you are a better person since you gave your life to Christ?

Are you bearing fruits for the Kingdom, or are you the unfruitful branch of the vine?

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Jesus used the vine to illustrate his relationship with believers. In that illustration found in John 15:5, he describes himself as the vine and believers as his branches.

The way a branch needs to be connected to the vine to produce grapes that is the way we have to be connected to Jesus for us to bear fruit.

That is, we need to abide in Christ.

What Does It Mean To Abide In Christ?

To abide in Christ means to connect, depend, and continue in him. It means trusting or believing God to meet all your needs.

Abiding in Christ means to be in constant communion with him. That is to say, to always lean on him in hard times, rest in him at all times, and pour our hearts to him every single day.

Why is it vital for us to abide in Christ?

So That We Can Bear Fruit

See, it is only by abiding or continuing in Jesus that we can know what the Father wants and how he wants us to accomplish his purposes.

You cannot do the things of the Kingdom without Jesus. You cannot worship God or serve him without his son.

Jesus is our mediator, savior, and Lord. So we need him so that we can become the people God created us to be. (John 15:4-6)

Helps You Overcome Spiritual Dryness

There are those times when we feel like we are heading nowhere spiritually. Sometimes we feel like God is far away from us. The times when we feel like God is not hearing our prayers.

Now, if we are to be completely honest, most of us go through this season because we are not rooted in the Word of God.

If you are in a season of spiritual dryness, then be intentional about abiding in Christ. Stop allowing your feelings to dictate to you. Spend time with Jesus and let Him minister to your heart.

You Will Become The Disciple Of Christ

There so many Christians in the world today, but few disciples of Jesus Christ. Look, just because someone says they are a Christian doesn’t mean that they are disciples of Jesus Christ.

Some people are Christians because they want to belong somewhere.

True disciples of Jesus Christ are those that abide in his Word, and His Word abides in them. It is those that believe the Word of God is true, and they live their lives according to the Word.

The Word of God is a standard through which they judge their thoughts and way of life. (John 8:31)

You Will Have Whatever You Ask For

Jesus said that anyone who abides in him and his Word will have whatever they want. See, to abide in the Word means to continue in the Word of God. Jesus is the Word that became flesh.

The more you stay in the Word, the more you know the Father’s will and his promises.

When you know the will of the Father and his promises, you will be able to pray accordingly, and God will answer your prayers. (John 15:7)

All in all

True believers of Jesus will always be connected to him. They will read the Word, believe what it says, and put it into practice.

The truth is you cannot do anything without Jesus. You need to lean, rest, and trust in him every single day. It is only by abiding in him that you will become a fruitful Christian.

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