Benefits of Fasting and Prayer

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What comes to mind when you hear the word fasting?

Well, some of us don’t mind it because we have embraced fasting as part of our spiritual walk. (Matthew 6:16)

But to some, the thought of fasting and praying causes them to be restless.  

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We honestly don’t like it, especially when we have to sacrifice our meals and discipline our flesh for a couple of days.

But here is the thing:

Fasting and praying should be done regularly.

Why is that?  

To Build Intimacy With God

Look, God created us so that we can have an intimate relationship with him.

Fasting and praying help us to become more spiritual, and this causes us to have great intimacy with God.

As we spend more time in God’s presence, we get to know who he is and how much he loves us.

This helps us to grow closer to him.

Victory Over Temptations 

Since we live in a fallen world, and we have an enemy that is keen on making us fall, he will always bring temptation our way.  

There are areas in our lives where it is easy for us to fall into because of our weaknesses.

Fasting helps us to become more in tune with the spirit, and this helps us to stand firm in temptation.   

Helps Us To Refocus On Jesus

There are those times in our spiritual lives when we lose track.

We allow the pleasures of this world and trials to take center stage, and we end up being distracted and withdrawn from the things of God.

Well, if you are going through such a time and want to get back on track, then fasting and prayer are what you need to do.  

It will help you to refocus on Jesus, for you will be spending more time in prayer than the things of this world. (Joel 2:12)

Breaks Satanic Strongholds

You have prayed and tried to do everything possible to break away from some things in your life.  

The harder you try to break away from those things, the worse it becomes. You don’t know what to do anymore.

Well, have you tried fasting and paying?

Some stubborn problems need you to be in tune with God fully for them to go away.  (Ezra 8:23)

Set some time apart to spend it on fasting and praying.  

Doing this will help you to take your eyes off the problem and yourself and to focus on God, who is able to break every stronghold from your life.

It doesn’t matter how long you have gone through that issue as an individual or family.

God is able to turn things around. You only need to trust him and spend more time in his presence.

To sum it up:

There are different ways that we can fast and pray, choose what works for you.  

Remember fasting and praying is a personal thing; do not go around telling people that you are fasting and praying.  

Before you do it, ask God to prepare your heart and show you the best way to go about it.  

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