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Through the journey of reading the Bible, many are adding a personal expression of how scripture touched them. Journaling Bibles feature the beautiful artwork one creates in the margins of each page.

Bible art journaling: Illustrated Faith's April devotion, "A Heart that Receives" Day 1. #if_aheartthatreceives  #illustratedfaith #Bibleartjournaling #artjournal

“Bible art journaling: Illustrated Faith’s April devotion, by wonderfully complex CC by-nc 2.0

What Is Journaling In A Bible?

A trending technique of making scripture your own and recording a reflection on how it speaks to you is catching on with Christians.

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There are new journaling Bibles available to allow readers an enriching experience in Bible reading. A journaling Bible has blank margins on pages that allow the reader to draw and add artistic expression. One may record something in this area on how a scripture spoke to them or some notes on memorization.

Writing in a Bible is not for every Christian. Some feel that drawing in a Bible is disrespecting the word of God. It’s a personal choice which should come from praying about it.

How Do I Start Bible Journaling?

You will need to purchase a journaling Bible. As an alternative, you can use a notebook or journal. Whichever you choose as your canvas, you will need a few things. You can find journaling supplies in craft stores in the paper craft section.

Journaling Supplies:

  • Colored markers/pens/pencils
  • Tabs to mark pages with special sentiment
  • Decoration: die-cutouts, stickers, stamp/stamp pad, ribbon
  • Glue

Ready? Let’s Get Started!

Journaling is a very personal thing in expressionism, technique, and appearance. You are embellishing your reading experience combining art and faith. There’s no right or wrong way to do this.

The important thing to remember is you are not merely drawing pictures in your Bible. Quiet reflection should be given before beginning. Pray that God will reveal to you what He wants you to have as a “take-away” from your reading to be able create an artistic remembrance for.

Before you do your first journal, practice or sketch a rough rendering on a piece of separate paper. This will allow you to gather your thoughts and bring them together in a piece as a whole you can create.

Just a word of caution…before using colored markers on the pages of your journaling Bible, test the page to make sure the ink will not bleed through to the next page.

Relax And Don’t Stress

Creating your own personal journal is definitely not meant to be stressful. Do what inspires you and never compare your work to someone else’s. You are original, and your journaling will be a reflection of you.

Journaling is a process of what God is teaching you through your Bible readings. He will guide your hand and your mind.

Have fun and fly with your hidden art talent to be expressive!

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