Bible Verses About Quail

Bible Verses About Quail

Exodus 16:13 – In the evening, quail came up and covered the camp; and in the morning the dew lay around the camp.

Numbers 11:31 – A wind from Yahweh went out and brought quails from the sea, and let them fall by the camp, about a day’s journey on this side, and a day’s journey on the other side, around the camp, and about two cubits above the surface of the earth.

Numbers 11:32 – The people rose up all that day, and all of that night, and all the next day, and gathered the quails. He who gathered least gathered ten homers; and they spread them all out for themselves around the camp.

Psalm 105:40 – They asked, and he brought quails, and satisfied them with the bread of the sky.

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