Bible Verses About Snakes

Bible Verses About Snakes

Matthew 3:7 – Many of the Pharisee group and the Sadducee group came to him to be baptized. But when he saw them, he said to them, `You family of snakes! Who told you to run away from God’s anger that is coming?

Matthew 7:10 – Or if he asks for a fish, will you give him a snake?

Matthew 10:16 – `I am sending you out amongst people. You will be like sheep amongst bad animals like wolves. So be wise like snakes, and harmless like doves.

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Matthew 12:34
You family of snakes! How can you say good things? You are wrong! The mouth will say what is in the heart.

Matthew 23:33
You snakes – a whole family of snakes! You cannot get away! You will be judged and sent to hell.

Mark 16:18
They will take up snakes. If they drink poison, it will not make them sick. They will put their hands on sick people and sick people will get well again.’

Luke 3:7
Many people came out to John to be baptized. He said to them, `You family of snakes! Who told you to run away from God’s anger that is coming?

Luke 11:11
Which of you fathers will give your son a snake if he asks for a fish?

John 3:14
Moses lifted up a snake on a piece of wood in the desert. So the Son of Man must be lifted up.

Acts 10:12
In the bundle were all kinds of animals and snakes and birds.

Acts 11:6
When I looked at it, I wondered about it. I saw different kinds of tame animals, wild animals, snakes, and birds.

Acts 28:3
Paul gathered some sticks of wood. He put them on the fire. A bad snake came out of the heat and hung onto his hand.

Acts 28:4
The people of Malta saw the snake hanging on his hand. Oh,' they said to each other.This man has no doubt killed someone. He did not die in the water, but it is not right for him to live.’

Acts 28:5
Paul shook the snake off into the fire. It did not hurt him.

Romans 1:23
They did not worship God who cannot die. But they worshipped things made to look like a man who does die. They worshipped things made to look like birds and animals and snakes.

Romans 3:13
Their mouth is like an open grave. They have used their tongues to fool people. The poison of bad snakes is under their lips.

1 Corinthians 10:9
We must not test the Lord, as some of them did. They were bitten by bad snakes and died!

2 Corinthians 11:3
But the snake fooled Eve by his trick. And I am afraid that your minds will be drawn away from a clean, pure love of Christ.

James 3:7
People have been able to tame all kinds of animals, birds, snakes, and fish.

Revelation 9:19
The power of the horses is in their mouths and in their tails. Their tails have heads and are like snakes. They hurt people with them.

Revelation 12:9
The dragon was thrown down. He was that old snake who is called the devil and Satan. He fools all the people in the world. He was thrown down to earth and his angels were thrown down with him.

Revelation 20:2
He caught the dragon, that old snake who is called the devil and Satan. The angel tied him for a thousand years.

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