Breaking The Power Of Sin Over Your Life

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You don’t want to live in bondage anymore; you want to break the power of sin over your life and live in total freedom. (Romans 6:22)

But you don’t know how to go about it. You are so tired of failing and disappointing yourself. Most of all, you feel like such a letdown to God.

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Others believers seem so perfect, you want to live a holy life like them.

Okay here is the thing:

Many believers struggle with sin, but very few of them are willing to admit it.


They are already living under condemnation, so they don’t want to be condemned by people around them.

They would rather suffer silently than confide in fellow believers.

You are not alone, and the best part is it is possible to break the power of sin over your life.

Here is how to do it:

Knowing The Truth

Do you know that sin does not have dominion over you?

If so, do you believe it?

Most of us struggle with sin because we don’t know that sin doesn’t have power over us. So we continue living in a cycle of defeat and condemnation.

verse of the day john 8:32

and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. John 8:32

But Jesus took all your sins at the cross so that you can be set free from its power.

Sin doesn’t have dominion over you. 

You have been set free, and you need to believe that.

The bible says that people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.

Not knowing your freedom in Christ will cause you to live in defeat, and you will keep on falling every time the enemy tempts you.

Focus on Jesus, not yourself

Do you know why most Christians struggle with sin?

It is because they focus on themselves and their weaknesses instead of Jesus.

Paul struggled with sin, and he wanted to overcome it.

The more he tried, the more he kept on struggling with it. But he found the answer to his struggle, and that was Jesus.

We defeat the power of sin over our lives by focusing on Jesus instead of ourselves and our weaknesses. (Romans 7:14-25)

When you feel tempted to sin, look at Jesus, and remember that you are the righteousness of God through Christ, Jesus.

Even though you may fall at times, see yourself rising again and defeating that sin.

Start focusing on Jesus and what he has done for you.

Renewing Your Mind

Renew your mind by reading the word of God daily.  

The Psalmist prayed to God and asked him to hide His commandments in his heart so that he could not sin against God.

verse of the day psalm 119_11_

I have hidden your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you. Psalm 119:11

The word of God is powerful, and when we read and meditate on it, we start transforming into the image of Christ.

It reveals the intentions of our hearts and also shows us the way that we should go.

Let bible study become a daily habit so that it can help you to change and deal away with the sin.

Breaking the power of sin over your life may be a long process, but you need to keep doing it. Look unto Jesus.

He will never lead you wrong or fail you and always remember that sin doesn’t have dominion over you.

You’re an over comer.

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