Women Married To Non-Believing Husbands

Christian Women Married to Unbelieving Men: Nurturing Faith in Challenging Relationships

Marriage is a beautiful and sacred union, designed by God to be a source of love, companionship, and support. However, sometimes, the path of a Christian woman can lead her to be married to an unbelieving man. This situation can present unique challenges, as the core of their beliefs and values may differ. Yet, even

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two couples of the bible

Two Couples Of The Bible

Their Story: Applying It To Your Own Marriage Couples have been having relationship issues throughout time. The things that influence these issues have changed as our culture evolves and changes. During biblical times, a couple may have had differences relating to child-bearing, cattle, food, or having to live under the rule of another. Today, differences

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prayers for my husband

Prayer For My Husband

Words Of Encouragement For Wives To Pray For Husbands We should intentionally pray over our husbands daily. As wives, we are to lift our husbands up daily in prayer for protection, guidance, and that they live a life reflective of Christ. Husbands are commanded by God to be the leader over the family. It’s not

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prayer for my wife

Prayer For My Wife

Encouraging Words We get so caught up in our busy lives that we, as followers of Christ, forget to lead a life that is centered around God. Instead of waking up each morning and rushing out the door to work, it’s essential to start your day in prayer just as Jesus did. Husbands, you are

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Prayer For Marriage

Prayer For Marriage

We praise you for the love and faithfulness you have blessed us within our marriage. Thank you oh Lord for giving us the power to love one another with unconditional and abounding love.

Thank you for my lifelong spouse. You are our Redeemer and your plans for us as a couple and for our marriage are good.

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