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Bible Verses And Prayers About Success

Bible Verses And Prayers About Success

Prayer for Success Lord, you are good and I know you desire success in my life. You have given me the way to success which is meditating on your word day and night (Joshua 1:8). Therefore, I will meditate on your word and allow it to renew my mind. Help me give thought to my ways so

bible verses about overthinking

8 Bible Verses About Overthinking

How To Avoid Overthinking It wise to give thought to your ways but overthinking is bordering on the extreme side of things. We overthink things when we are not sure how to deal with them and are in search of a solution. Yet God says we are not to lean on our own understanding but

bible verses about our need for god

10 Bible Verses About Our Need For God

According to God’s original plan, he never meant for us to function without him.

That is why he had fellowship with Adam in the garden of Eden. We need God in our lives each day.

Bible Verses About Idleness

10 Bible Verses About Idleness

The apostle Paul admonished those in Thessalonica against idleness and said he had to work to give them an example to follow 2 Thessalonians 3:3-15

bible verses about helping others

Bible Verses About Helping Others

One of the key Bible verses on serving is Luke 4:8 where Jesus says we are to worship and serve God only.

He says the source of the command is God’s written word. Serving others flows from serving God.

We are to serve others with all our heart as if serving the Lord and not people

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