Finding Hope In Difficult Times Through Faith

Finding Hope In Difficult Times Through Faith

Introduction Finding hope in difficult times through faith can be a powerful way to cope with adversity. It can provide a sense of purpose, meaning, and comfort, which can help individuals navigate challenging situations with greater resilience and strength. In this post, we will explore how faith can provide hope during difficult times, and how

Having Trouble Closing That Closet Door?

Tackling A Closet That Looks Like It Puked Clothes! As you open your closet door, do things come falling out? Does your closet look like it has puked clothes, shoes, and other stored items all over the floor? We all know how it feels to stand in front of a mess that lurks behind that

is it sin to look beautiful

Is It A Sin To Look Beautiful?

There are varying opinions on how Christian women should dress and look.  Modesty has been taken to the extreme by some religious sects by misinterpreting scripture. This specific topic causes some Godly women fear they are bringing shame to God, their church, or their husband. What does scripture say about how a Christian woman should look?Some

modern christian woman capsule wardrobing

The Modern Christian Woman Capsule Wardrobing

Dressing Best With LessAre you one of those gals that has a closet full of clothes, but don’t have a thing to wear? Or do you have clothing items hanging in the closet with price tags still attached? We have the perfect revamp for your wardrobe to combat outfit decision fatigue, clutter, and materialism.  The concept

modern christian fashionista

God’s Latest Fashion Trends

​Christian Fashionistas “Dressing For God” Let’s dress from the inside out! Place your focus on the latest trends of your soul and spirit.Let’s Enter The ShoppeLooking into the window of a very unique clothing boutique, you see a figure busily working. He turns and waves you to come inside. As you enter this unique apparel shoppe, a

revelation in shopping

A Revelation In Shopping

​Christmas Shopping With PurposeThis Is What Happens When Jesus Shops With You! Our day of planned Christmas shopping had arrived. My family eagerly awoke with the anticipation of searching for that perfect gift for loved ones. This year would be a little different though. We would also shop for some things for those in need. Shopping CheerThe

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