Family Room

Empty Nester

Surviving the Goodbye (Empty-Nester)

Your babies spread their wings and take flight! It’s gut-wrenching when you have to say that last goodbye to your child as they exit their childhood and step through the door to their new life in the outside world. Parents dread the day their kids leave home while some look forward to it. It’s a

Creative Family Devotional Time

Creative Family Devotional Time

Ways To Enhance Your Family’s Time Reading The Word We all know that children tend to struggle with family devotional time in the home. There are ways to make it fun and interactive while preserving the sanctity of that time with God. When planning family devotional time, there are some key things to keep it fun and

prayer for my family

God Bless My Family Prayer

“Bless My Family” Prayer Father God, you have provided me with one of life’s greatest blessings: family. We have laughed together, cried together, and made so many unforgettable memories. Thank you for placing each one of these beautiful people into my life, into this amazing God-ordained structure called family. You always intended for the family

Prayers For Pregnancy After a Miscarriage

Bible Verses And Prayers For Pregnancy After a Miscarriage

So you’re pregnant again, congratulations! A new life brings with it the joy of experiencing motherhood. Don’t let the fear of another miscarriage cut off your joy and happiness. You can enjoy your pregnancy and look forward to nurturing your baby when born.

when your child says i hate you

The Heart-Piercing Pain Of Hearing Your Child Say “I Hate You!”

Quick Navigation How should you handle “I hate you” when your child blurts it out?Reacting to “I Hate You” The Heart-Piercing Pain Of Hearing Your Child Say “I Hate You!” What do you do? Every parent, at some point in raising children, will inevitably hear, “I hate you” from their child. Our natural reaction when we encounter these

Family Trips to the “Out of the Ordinary”

Family Trips to the “Out of the Ordinary”

Odd & Noteworthy Places to Take The Family!The “Less Traveled” Places to See Families don’t have to go far to see some amazing places in our beautiful states! There are unique destinations that are less frequented by the vacation-hungry crowd. Rarity and oddity add whimsy to the places we are highlighting below. If your family wants to

Coping with Depression_ A Biblical Perspective

Coping with Depression: A Biblical Perspective

With all the focus being placed on depression lately due to the suicides of people like Robin Williams, Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade it makes many of us wonder what it takes to bring true happiness. Depression can strike anyone. Everyone feels sad sometimes but depression is more than sadness, it is complete hopelessness and

breakthrough the movie

The Beauty Of “Breakthrough” The Movie

New faith-based film coming out at Easter starring Chrissy Metz from “This is Us.”  Based on a true story, mother Joyce Smith was forced to surrender it all to God when her son fell through the ice of a lake in Missouri in 2015. She needs the miracle that only God can provide. “Breakthrough” stars

hot flashes

Flashing: It’s Not Lights, It’s Just Me!

Warning: Extreme Heat! Flashing: It’s Not Lights, It’s Just Me! All women will eventually hit the “dry season” of their lives when we think our bodies are on fire with heat that becomes so intense; we think someone seriously is wrong. The physical changes can also begin to wreak havoc on our spiritual health. Where’s

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