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Create An Environment That Fosters The Three F’s: Family, Faith, Fun

Bringing the family together is so much more critical in this day and age. Careers, school activities, technology, and so much more keeps our attention held captive. Are you trying to find the right balance of spending time together as a family? Family: Building a Strong Family Presence There are several principles that you can

“Copter” Moms – Buzzing Overhead and Not Going Away!

Quick Navigation An “Experienced Copter-Mom”What causes “Copter’ing” in Mothers?Why are “Copter” parents so protective and controlling?Let’s Land That “Copter” Are you one of those moms that can’t let your children out of your sight and tend to overprotect them?As Christian mothers, we are to trust Christ in protecting our children. Letting go, and placing your

a prayer for my son

Prayer For My Son

Words Of Encouragement For My SonMy Dear Boy,This is to let you know how proud I am to be your Mom/Dad. You have brought unthinkable joy into my life right from the first day I held you in my arms. I want to remind you just how much you’re cherished and loved. I want you to

prayer for my daughter

Prayer For My Daughter

Words of Encouragement for My Daughter   Life is beautiful and enjoy it at each stage. Don’t rush to grow up and forget to learn the lessons that each season of your life offers. God is the one who has given you life and you ought to honor him with it. When you are going through

prayer for family

Prayer For Family

Prayer for My FamilyHeavenly Father, you are my keeper and that of my family. Thank you for the life of each family member and for taking care of us always. May my family bring you glory for the good work you have done in our lives. Renew our love for each other and teach us

prayer for a friend

Prayer For A Friend

Heavenly Father, I thank you for my friendship with [Friend’s name]. You have given us many wonderful years together filled with love and kindness. Today I want to pray for my friend because you have asked us to pray for others.  May your blessing be upon my friend in everything they do. Bless them when

introverted christians sharing gods love quietly

Introverted Christians Sharing God’s Love Quietly

​Are you not a “people person” and find it hard to witness and be the outgoing Christian God wants you to be? An introverted person is one that is shy, quiet, and may tend to struggle to function within groups or crowds. Some introverts are so painfully shy that it hinders their ability to form friendships

my furry kids

My Furry Kids

​The Pitter-Patter Of Paws Pets Are Emotional Vitamins! There is nothing like coming home after a long day of work to find a happy little furry friend waiting at the door wagging and jumping with excitement. Their mommy or daddy was home, yippee! Some refer to a pet-lover as one of “those” kind of people but do they

pregnancy when things don't go as expected

Pregnancy: When Things Don’t Go as Expected

A devotion for expecting mothers who are having physical or health issues during pregnancy. Pregnancy can be exhausting – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Many expectant mothers find themselves disillusioned with the pregnant life. This is especially true for those who have not-so-smooth pregnancies. Any complication, from the common cold to preeclampsia, can seem like the

what does it mean to be a christian woman in today's world

What Does it Mean to be a Christian Woman in Today’s World?

Modern society has a very specific idea of what the perfect woman should be – independent, outspoken, and unapologetically sexual. We are surrounded by these values every single day. But as Christians, we are not meant to blend in with the values of this world; we are called to live differently. We set ourselves apart from the distorted

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