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how to glorify god in singleness

How to Glorify God in Singleness

Singleness is not something that most people actively seek out. Singleness can be lonely, isolating, and downright depressing – not to mention all the added pressure from friends and family. As humans, the desire for romantic love is a completely normal feeling; after all, we were made for companionship. Marriage and family-building are a huge

a woman of god

The Woman of God

Since time immemorial, God fearing women have looked up to biblical women such as Ruth who took care of her mother-in-law with no apparent thought to her own comfort. She showed loyalty, unselfishness, faith, initiative, perseverance, and diligence. Hannah was barren and prayed to God for a child, promising that she would dedicate the child to the

dating in a messed up world

Dating In A Messed Up World

The Single Christian Dating In A Messed Up World Dating in this day and age has its challenges and can be intimidating, especially for Christians. Where do we start in the whole dating thing? The foundation of dating should be based on keeping God at the center of your relationship. Applying biblically-based principles to dating will help

dealing with parent death

Finding Your Way Through Losing Your Parents

I’m an Orphan at the age of 56! My father’s death was a glimpse into heaven. As children, we never want to think about losing a parent. Understanding the pain with such a loss is unfathomable at a young age. But what about as older adults, is the pain or sense of loss any less?

is there an app for family time

Is There An App For More Family Time

Device Power Down Technology may have made our lives easier, but it has had a negative impact on family interaction. The days of “Norman Rockwell” or “The Waltons” are long gone, and the unity of the family is teetering on the edge. Can you picture in your mind sitting down at the dinner table in

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