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Making Business Decisions In Faith

Making Business Decisions In Faith

Business decisions can be frightening and challenging. At times we are left confused because of the hard decisions we have to make. But it should not be that way. As Christian entrepreneurs, we need to involve God in our businesses the same way we include him in other areas of our lives. The impact you’re

How Christian Entrepreneurs Can Conquer Being Overwhelmed featured

How Christian Entrepreneurs Can Conquer Being Overwhelmed

Feeling tired and withdrawn lately? Being overwhelmed is something business owners, including Christian entrepreneurs experience.   But here is the thing: If not dealt with, overwhelming feelings, will stop you from being consistent and block you from achieving the results that you want. Here are four ways Christian entrepreneurs can deal with being overwhelmed: Don’t

we need spiritual goals

Why you Need to Set Spiritual Goals

You’ve already set goals for this year and are ready to go.  You can’t wait to fulfill them and check those boxes off. But wait a minute: Have you set any spiritual goals for the year? Well, no matter where you are spiritual, whether you’re a baby Christian or a mature one, you need to

Productive Day as a Christian Entrepreneur

How to Have a Productive Day as a Christian Entrepreneur

Meeting deadlines is proving to be difficult. There are many things you should have accomplished that are still pending. With so much to do each day, you don’t know how to be productive. You need help urgently. Businesses, big or small, are demanding. They need time and effort for them to become successful. To be

Money Mindset as a Christian Entrepreneur

Developing the Right Money Mindset as a Christian Entrepreneur

You work very hard, give faithfully, and try to secure your finances as much as you want. But the harder you work and give the deeper you sink into debt. You don’t know what to do. Your finances are a mess, and it is affecting your life negatively. Tithing and working hard are good, but

How Christian can Handle Angry Clients

How Christian Entrepreneurs can Handle Angry Clients

You have been yelled at, called names and blamed for mistakes you’ve made and those you did not make by one of your clients. Maybe you got frustrated as your client threw one accusation after another against you, and you decided to pay them back by giving them a dose of their own medicine. Well,

Why You Need To Overcome The Fear Of Rejection In Business featured

Why You Need To Overcome The Fear Of Rejection In Business

The thought of your clients and business partners rejecting you is giving you sleepless nights. You will lose your mind if the new clients you have pitched to reject your proposal. You cannot handle the humiliation, they are your only source of hope right now, or so it seems. We all go through this in business. The fear of

being trusted more with business featured

Being Trusted With More In Business

Quick Navigation FinancesTimeValue Is your business going at the pace that you want it to go, or have things slowed down? If we are, to be honest, we want our businesses to grow faster.   But here’s the thing: It takes time, and you need to be faithful with the small things God has given you in your

Laminators For Foil Laminating

Add a vibrant pop to documents, business cards, and other projects by using foil to laminate projects. You can easily laminate with foil by using a pouch laminating machine. You must use a laser printed document to foil laminate. Inkjet printed items will not work. Since pouch laminators do not laminate things larger than legal/tabloid size,

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