red fruit parfait

Red Fruit Parfait

This dessert looks and tastes amazing. This wholesome parfait is made with berries, cashews, cinnamon and coconut milk. This flavor combination is perfect. The best bit is that you can prepare it the night before, then in the morning do all the assembling. Ingredients: ‘Cheesecake’ 1 cup raw cashews soaked 1/2 cup coconut milk  1 tbs cinnamon 2 tbs honey Berry

Lasagna Recipe By Laura Vitale

This isn’t your ordinary lasagna! Vegetable lasagna created by a girl who grew up in Naples, Italy…now she is famous! Any guesses who she is? Are you ready for a FABULOUS Vegetable Lasagna Recipe with some really cool background to it? We begin this recipe with an introduction to its creator. You will have to

non alcoholic mojito recipe

Non Alcoholic Mojito

Mojito cocktails are very refreshing any time of year but especially when the temperatures rises because they’re minty and refreshing. White rum is traditionally used in a classic Mojito. But in this recipe we are going to make this drink without the rum. This Mojito is a perfect combination of honey with lime which makes the perfect match

caramel iced coffee recipe

Homemade Caramel Iced Coffee (Yummy)

If you are a coffee addict, and you are constantly looking for good coffee drinks you have to make this recipe at home. This iced caramel coffee is incredible. Creamy, full of flavor, sweetened to perfection and something that you will make over and over again. For this recipe you truly don’t need a lot of ingredients.

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