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Prayers For Pets

Prayers For Pets

Prayer For Dying Pet Dear Heavenly Father, You are the God of all creation, and all the earth gets sustenance from You. You created both animals and plants, and I continually marvel at the beauty of Your works. I’m thankful that You have let us keep some of Your creations as pets and have taught […]

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Prayers For Pastor's Wife

Prayers For Pastor’s Wife

A pastor’s wife holds a unique role in the ministry, serving as a precious companion and partner to her husband. She walks alongside him, sharing the joys, challenges, and responsibilities of the calling. In her presence, one can witness the embodiment of wisdom, grace, and strength. Wisdom guides her words and actions as she offers

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Powerful Sunday Prayers

Sunday Prayers

Prayer for Palm Sunday Heavenly Father, It’s such a pleasant experience to praise You. How good It’s to rise from bed, stand on the hard ground, and lift holy hands in worship – the hand You made holy through the death and resurrection of Your firstborn. You are the epicenter of goodness and righteousness. And

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Powerful Friday Prayers

Friday Prayers

Prayer for Good Friday Heavenly Father, You are the ultimate embodiment of love. Your standards are so high that doing anything close to being worthy of Your notice requires Your help. Lord, You are beautiful and marvelous. Your throne is set in glory, and mighty are Your ways. In everything, You rule, and in every

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Prayer To Stop Worrying

Prayer To Stop Worrying

Father, I thank You for the gift of Your Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Thank You for Your love and for the hope we have in glory through Christ Jesus. I am grateful for Your incredible power and influence in my life and Your kindness and blessing towards me. Even when I forget

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