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prayer for expectant fathers

Prayer for Expectant Fathers

Encouragement For Fathers To Be When a couple is expecting, most of the attention is directed to the expectant mother. Books, advice, prayers, etc. seemingly leave dads out. How does a father-to-be learn to be a dad? We hear about maternal instinct and how it automatically kicks in the first time a new mother holds

prayer for my sons health

Prayers For Son’s Health

Lord, right now I lift my son’s health up to you. I pray that you would heal his body and his soul and that you would bless him even through this trial. God, you alone have the power to control nature. Your Word says that even the wind and waves obey you. And so I

prayer for sun on drugs

Prayer For Son On Drugs

Words Of Encouragement Our peaceful reality is shaken to the core when we discover that our child is in bondage to the evil power of drugs. We feel as if they are slowly slipping away. The helplessness that engulfs us as parents, as well as the entire family, is paralyzing unless we give it all

Prayer For Child With Bad Behavior

Prayer For Child With Bad Behavior

As a mother, I can attest to the embarrassment and frustration of an unruly child in public. Children seem to have a knack for misbehaving at the worst times. Long lines at a checkout in a store have you frazzled? Add to that a cranky, whiny child throwing a temper tantrum because you didn’t buy

prayer for my husband to love me again

Prayer For My Husband To Love Me Again

Words Of Encouragement Marriage was instituted by God as a means to create units of two formidable individuals that would surmount life’s challenges and fulfill destiny together. The one thing that we must never forget, however, is that the evil one fights tooth and nail against anything that the Lord ordains. My dear sister, in

prayer for mothers health

Prayers For Mother’s Health

Words Of Encouragement For MothersA mother is a pillar of strength for both the home and her family. We may not realize just how much we rely on our mother until we are without her. Her strength and ability to give of herself unselfishly is a blessing to those around her. When she grows weary in

prayer for my sister having prayer

Prayer For My Sister Having Surgery

And the prayer of faith will save the one who is sick, and the Lord will raise him up. And if he has committed sin, he will be forgiven. James 5:15 It’s difficult when we have to place our lives at the mercy of the hands of surgeons. The uncertainty that fills our mind robs

prayer for a child having surgery

Prayer Before Surgery For Child

Quick Navigation Encouraging Words For Parent Who’s Child Is Going Into SurgeryPrayer For Child Before Surgery1. Prayer For Child Having Surgery2. Prayer For Child Having SurgeryPrayer for a Grandson Going in for Surgery Prayer for a Granddaughter Going in for Surgery Prayer for a Niece Going in for SurgeryPrayer for a Nephew Going in for SurgeryPrayer for

prayer for quinceanera

Prayer For Quinceanera

The Latino time-honored cultural tradition of a girl’s transition to womanhood is recognized through a Quinceanera celebration. As a girl turns 15, not only is she celebrating her birthday, but she is also publicly acknowledging accountability for her walk with God. It is what we know as a Sweet 16 in the USA. We need

prayer for sister in hospital

Prayer For My Sister In Hospital

Words Of Encouragement Dear Sister, During these tough times when you’re tempted to think that God is far from you, remember that He promises to never leave. In Isaiah 43:2, His Word declares that He is with us through the tough times and that neither water nor fire can ever consume us. When you pass

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