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Here you will find prayers for different occasions and situations you may face.

We hope these prayers are of a tremendous blessing in your life.

prayer for firefighters

Prayer For Firefighters

​Words Of Encouragement for Firefighters Dear Firefighter, First of all, I must let you know how proud I am of you, and how grateful I am for your bravery and selflessness. It’s people like you, police officers, paramedics, and all first responders that make us all rest easy. Thank you for all that you do

a prayer for my son

Prayer For My Son

Words Of Encouragement For My SonMy Dear Boy,This is to let you know how proud I am to be your Mom/Dad. You have brought unthinkable joy into my life right from the first day I held you in my arms. I want to remind you just how much you’re cherished and loved. I want you to

Prayer For Peace Of Mind

Prayer For Peace Of Mind

Prayer For Peace Of Mind EverydayHeavenly Father, I praise you for giving me peace that surpasses human understanding through Christ Jesus.  May your peace fill my mind today and bring rest and renewal. Help me avoid things that take away my peace and leave me feeling upset.  Teach me to set my mind on the things

prayer for my daughter

Prayer For My Daughter

Words of Encouragement for My Daughter   Life is beautiful and enjoy it at each stage. Don’t rush to grow up and forget to learn the lessons that each season of your life offers. God is the one who has given you life and you ought to honor him with it. When you are going through

Prayer For The Dying

Prayer For The Dying

Words Of Encouragement For Family Members Of A Dying Person The thought of losing a loved one is heartbreaking. Facing the reality of a family member about to depart from this earth requires the grace of God. You know you will never see them again and you will greatly miss the person.  God is your strength and

prayer for family

Prayer For Family

Prayer for My FamilyHeavenly Father, you are my keeper and that of my family. Thank you for the life of each family member and for taking care of us always. May my family bring you glory for the good work you have done in our lives. Renew our love for each other and teach us

prayer for a friend

Prayer For A Friend

Heavenly Father, I thank you for my friendship with [Friend’s name]. You have given us many wonderful years together filled with love and kindness. Today I want to pray for my friend because you have asked us to pray for others.  May your blessing be upon my friend in everything they do. Bless them when

prayer for guidance

Prayer For Guidance

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray today that you would speak guidance into my life. Try as I may, I don’t always make the right decisions. I don’t always take the steps I need to take in order to reach an outcome that is pleasing to you. This world is filled with so many opportunities and

prayer for anxiety

Prayer For Someone Facing Anxiety And Worry

Words Of Encouragement For Someone Facing Anxiety You might not know the future, but you can trust in the one who does. God has a plan for your life, even if you can’t see it yet. Every fear is just a lie from the enemy, invented to cover up the truth of how loved and protected

prayer for surgery

Prayer For Surgery

Lord, You know all things.  You know all my fears and worries about this surgery that I am about to have.  So I pray that you would give me great peace and confidence as the time approaches.  I pray that you would guide the doctors’ hands so that I can be healed of my condition.  And after the operation, please

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