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How To Conquer Bitterness Like Christ featured

How To Conquer Bitterness Like Christ

You have been hurt so bad by your loved ones or friends, the evil they have done against you has left you bitter in your heart. But as a good Christians, you know it is not right to harbor bitterness in your heart. You want to get rid of all the pain in your heart

How To Deal With Unbelief featured

How To Deal With Unbelief

You have been praying and fasting about a specific situation for some time. You have tried everything, but things are not changing. You’re beginning to wonder whether you have any faith at all. You know all you need is faith as a mustard seed, and the mountain will move. (Matthew17:20) But this feels like a

Habits Of A Confident Christian featured

5 Habits Of A Confident Christian

One of the best qualities that successful people have is confidence. Confident people act, react, think, and work differently. Successful Christians are not better than others; what makes them different from others is the fact that they place their confidence in Jesus. (Psalm 118:6) Now, imagine a world full of confident Christians that are not

Fighting From The Point Of Victory featured

Fighting From The Point Of Victory

We live in a world where coexistence is encouraged. But as Christians, we know that coexisting with the kingdom of darkness is not possible. Our enemy cannot live in harmony with us. He wants to destroy, kill, and steal from us. We are in a battle. The good news is, this battle is not like

A Breakdown Of The Lords Prayer featured

A Breakdown Of The Lord’s Prayer

Jesus’ disciples recognized the power of prayer and asked him to teach them to pray just like John the Baptist taught his disciples (Luke 11:1). They heard Jesus pray and wanted to know how to pray in a way that would always get them results. Jesus taught them what we call today, “The Lord’s Prayer”

Let Your Light Shine for Christ featured

Let Your Light Shine for Christ

We all have unique callings. So it doesn’t matter how your life is right now, God has amazing plans for you. There is so much that you need to do child of God because God wants your light to shine (Matthew 5:15-16). But here is the thing: The devil doesn’t want you to live your best

Kinds of Fears Every Christian Should Avoid featured

4 Kinds of Fears Every Christian Should Avoid

We all want to be fearless. But the truth is, we cannot eliminate fear from our hearts; we can only rise above it. (1John4:18). If we leave it to control our lives, fear will block us from living the life God has planned for each of us. It will cause us to hold back because

Thankful Heart

3 Biblical Habits That Cultivate a Thankful Heart

in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. 1 Thessalonians 5:18 It is hard to be thankful when all odds are against you, but the truth is every season comes with its set of challenges. As believers and followers of Christ, we need to be thankful not

Trust God Even When You Don't Understand

Trust God Even When You Don’t Understand

You have probably lost your job, someone you loved dearly has passed away, business is down, and your children are turning into little rebels. You don’t understand why all this is happening.   You have prayed, fasted, and done every ‘Christian thing’ that you can do to get things right and on track, but it

closer to god

10 Things To Do To Get Closer To God

A close relationship with God is something that all of us desire. We often read the Bible and wish we could be like Moses, Elijah, and Daniel, not because we want to go through what they went through but because we have a deep desire to be close to God like them. We can only

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