Top Five Laminators – Best of the Best

Solutions To Help You Buy Wisely!Our recommendations for laminating machines also include pros/cons as well as specifics for each. This enables you to not only compare, but choose what best suits your needs.Pouch LaminatorsProductOur RatingPricesFellowes Venus2 125 Check On AmazonScotch Thermal TL902ACheck On AmazonRoyal Sovereign ES-915Check On AmazonScotch Pro Thermal Check On AmazonFellowes Saturn 3i 125Check On

I am God's masterpiece

I Am God’s Masterpiece!

Quick Navigation Our Culture Affects Our BodyGod Wants You To…On Loan And There’s Only One Living A Healthy Lifestyle To Protect The Holy Temple: Your BodyDid you know that your body is a holy temple?  God dwells within our bodies through the Holy Spirit who helps us to grow as believers. If we all paused

Lasagna Recipe By Laura Vitale

This isn’t your ordinary lasagna! Vegetable lasagna created by a girl who grew up in Naples, Italy…now she is famous! Any guesses who she is? Are you ready for a FABULOUS Vegetable Lasagna Recipe with some really cool background to it? We begin this recipe with an introduction to its creator. You will have to

hot flashes

Flashing: It’s Not Lights, It’s Just Me!

Warning: Extreme Heat! Flashing: It’s Not Lights, It’s Just Me! All women will eventually hit the “dry season” of their lives when we think our bodies are on fire with heat that becomes so intense; we think someone seriously is wrong. The physical changes can also begin to wreak havoc on our spiritual health. Where’s

be someones angel

Be Someone’s Angel

God wants to use ordinary Christians to do extraordinary things! God uses us to reach others in various ways. One such way is through events we have gone through where we can take our experience(s) from that event and share with someone that may be going through the same thing. Be Someone’s Angel How Can

how to glorify god in singleness

How to Glorify God in Singleness

Singleness is not something that most people actively seek out. Singleness can be lonely, isolating, and downright depressing – not to mention all the added pressure from friends and family. As humans, the desire for romantic love is a completely normal feeling; after all, we were made for companionship. Marriage and family-building are a huge

what would jesus post

What Would Jesus Post?

What Would Jesus Post? Social media has consumed society in almost every part of the world. If you aren’t on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or a host of other apps, then you are considered “unconnected.” It is somewhat frowned upon if you aren’t part of this technological movement.  Our culture is beginning to remove the human element from

tea time with god

Tea Time With God

“Tea for Two” The Beauty Of Being Broken! I fondly recall visits to my grandmother’s house and how I was mesmerized with her beautiful collection of antique china teacups. “Each teacup has a story,” she would tell me. The fine bone china was thin and had the appearance of a shiny diamond. Every teacup was different in

simplifying in a materialistic culture

Simplifying in a Materialistic Culture

My House Needs to Go On A Diet! Simplifying in a Materialistic Culture Materialism is not in line with the teachings of Christ. Our culture today thrives on having the latest and greatest in “stuff.” If we have too much stuff, we have to buy more stuff to handle the stuff we already have! Two things came together making

learning the art of listening and not just hearing

Learning the Art of Listening & Not Just Hearing

“Did you say something?” Learning the Art of Listening & Not Just Hearing Retraining your ears, mind, and heart to listen to someone. Oddly, we can look directly at someone, and as they are talking to us, we hear them, but can’t remember what was said. It’s so important as Christians and human beings that we be able to

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