Create A Board Full Of Praises!

Answered Prayer and Praises

When prayer is answered, do you do a happy dance praising and rejoicing? God is so awesome, and when He answers prayer, we should be jumping and shouting!

An artist and painter created a way to record answered prayer that is proudly on display in her home for all who enter to see. She wanted to create a painting that would reflect both blessings and praises. One of life’s most precious blessings for her personally is nature.

Throughout this artists life, she has admired the beauty of birds. Her painting depicts birds as the main subject. This canvas masterpiece hangs in a high traffic area of her home. The blessings that pour into her life are recorded on the painting. As prayers are answered, she also recorded those praises on the painting.

This practice of her artsy “praise painting” has continued for several years now and now offers little room to record much more as every inch is covered now. It has provided her with a constant reminder of how constant God is in her life. When guests come over, the piece becomes a conversation starter opening the door to sharing the gospel.

She is now planning to do a new praise painting soon. As each future painting fills up with her recordings of blessings and praises, she will set them aside for each of her grandchildren to have.

“Let all that I am praise the Lord; may I never forget the good things he does for me.” Psalms 103:2

You don’t have to be an artist to keep a record of praises and answered prayer. You can create your own praise board for your home or prayer closet. For those that prefer something more intimate, a prayer journal can serve to keep track of answered prayers.

Get creative and have fun with whatever version you choose to admire God’s amazing work in the lives of those we pray for as well as our own. The inspiration you get from a praise board makes your faith strong and contagious!

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