Create An Environment That Fosters The Three F’s: Family, Faith, Fun

Creative family devotional time

Bringing the family together is so much more critical in this day and age.

Careers, school activities, technology, and so much more keeps our attention held captive.

Are you trying to find the right balance of spending time together as a family?

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Family: Building a Strong Family Presence

There are several principles that you can use as a foundation to build up the family identity in your home.

Be Present In Your Family

As a parent, it’s crucial that you be present (physically and mentally) during specific times of each day. During these times, place your full attention to the time with your family. Make it a device-free time.


  • The focus of mealtime should be peaceful and a place that children feel they can connect with parents.
  • Make the dinner table a negative-free and device-free zone.
  • Mealtime should never be used to discipline children or have disagreements verbally.

Family “Play/Fun” Time

  • Setting aside time to laugh and play (regardless of age) as a family is essential.
  • Some activities might include movie night, game night, going for ice cream or something the children enjoy.


  • Never put a career or other event before important dates in your family’s lives.
  • Celebrate everything! Promotions, good report cards, chores being done, etc.

Devotional Time

School Events

  • There is nothing more hurtful for a child than to have a parent dismiss their school events as unimportant.
  • Regardless of how significant the event is, do your best always to attend.
  • Having the entire family attend promotes the family identity.

Openly Talk About Faith And God

  • Discussions about God and our faith should be easy to talk about with your family. Doing so helps your children to be able to talk about their faith with others openly. It also reduces their anxiety about witnessing with others. Allow conversations to be natural and avoid being “preachy.”
  • Most importantly, pray together with your children in a natural manner. Allow them to be a part of the prayer lifting up things that are important to them. Praying together as a family provides a solid foundation to cling to during the storms that come in life.

Enter Your Child’s World

family time

  • Don’t be afraid to get down in the floor with your little ones and act goofy, play with toys, and enjoy being with them on their level. Smaller children are much easier to do this with than older kids.
  • As your child gets older, you will have to adjust by perhaps watching their favorite show on TV with them, or play their favorite game with them.

Faith: Be A Family Strong In Faith

Praying Together

Create a prayer list for those that need prayer. Allow your children to see that you are lifting others up in prayer.

Praying over the prayer list at family devotional time or mealtime prayer could be a great way to show your children the power of prayer.

When a prayer is answered, have your children write it down in an “answered prayer journal.”  

children prayer journal

You may be surprised one day to find your child sharing that journal with a friend to show them that prayers are heard and answered.

Keep Christ At The Center Of Your Home

  • Let your conversations center around God as if he is a present member of your family.
  • Things such as music, TV, video games, etc. should be something that is wholesome. Ask your children, “Is this something that Jesus would be happy with your listening to, watching, playing, or doing?”

Fun: Be Silly, Laugh, And Enjoy Life Together

Children love to see their parents laughing and enjoying life. Create a sense of space that is free to be silly regardless of your age.

Yes, older children may roll their eyes at you, but deep down, they are enjoying themselves.

Forced family fun time tends to backfire.

Be spontaneous and creative. Don’t go overboard and end up embarrassing your children in public but keep it within the confines of the family.

Things you can do to have fun and connect with your children.

  • Dance with your children
  • Karaoke family time…sing your heart out
  • Chase after your children or play hide and seek
  • Don’t be afraid to get on that trampoline with them
  • Laser tag

When In Doubt, Ask…

Ask God to reveal to you how you can create a home and environment that fosters family, faith, and fun!


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