Creative Living In Your Outdoor Living Area

Ways to enjoy your outdoor oasis!

Do you dream of having an outdoor living area in your backyard where you can entertain and spend time with your family?

There are many creative ways to make a rather dull backyard into a space that is inviting and fun to be in.

We will share some great ideas and tips on how you can build your own outdoor oasis.

What Is An Outdoor Living Area?

There are different views on what defines an outdoor living area. The area behind your home is typically where people gather and socialize. It is this area where the fun stuff happens.

Have Some Fun With Furniture And Accessories!

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Do you have a patio that is bland and lacks life? There are ways to spruce this area up and make it a place that is vibrant and fun.

  • Add some patio furniture so you can enjoy meals outdoors. An outdoor dining set with an umbrella adds a beautiful element to your patio. If you love to entertain, your patio will become the outdoor dining room.
  • Outdoor area rugs not only protect your feet from a hot patio but also adds a pop of color. These rugs can be left outdoors in rain or sun. They can be easily cleaned with just a water hose!
  • hammock is extremely inviting and provides a relaxing spot to take a break and enjoy the outdoors. Add some fluffy pillows, and you have the ideal spot to kick back and read a good book on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
  • Lighting is the go-to thing to have if you plan to be outdoors in the evenings. The warmth that string lights provide is not only beautiful but makes the area twinkle like stars.
  • Candles and torches offer light and a way to repel pests such as mosquitoes.

Give It Some Green

If you have a beautiful green lawn, go further by adding some plants and flowers to create dimension.

Your patio or outdoor living area should have greenery incorporated into the overall design. The color green signifies life and youth.

  • Add a few container gardens with herbs, strawberries, or small veggies.
  • Place some hanging plants and flowers around the area. Be careful to check your plants/flowers on what their sun requirements are.
outdoor patio woman of god


If you have children, a backyard can be transformed into an outdoor living area for your kids!

The ideas are limitless with ways to incorporate an area that is fun, engaging, and bursting with life.

Natural Play Areas

  • Ivy TeePee
    • Construct a teepee structure with wood.
    • Use string to wrap around the structure. This will act as anchors for the ivy to climb.
    • Plant a hardy ivy that does well in your zone and is fast growing. You will need to train it as it begins to climb. This can be done by lifting the vines and working them in between the string.
  • Fence Chalkboard
    • Repurpose an old chalkboard by attaching it to your fence. Add some chalk, and you have a fun outdoor activity for the kiddos.
  • Water Kitchen
    • Repurpose old tires and make them into giant water bowls.
    • Lay tires flat on the ground. Place tubs inside the tire. Fill with water.
    • Hang some old kitchen pans and utensils on the fence near the tires.
    • Kids will use the pans and utensils to scoop up the water.
  • Wood Pallet Kitchen


  • Why not add a deck complete with a doggie pool for those hot days when your dog could use a refreshing dip in the water?
  • Setting up a dog-friendly backyard will keep your pups happy while outdoors.
  • Create a ‘catio’ for your feline fur babies.

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Entertainer Extraordinaire

Once you have your outdoor living area set up, now it’s time to enjoy it! There are some unique and fun ways to entertain friends or have family time.

Friday Family Fire Pit

  • Plan family time for each Friday evening after dinner. Gather around a fire pit and have family devotionals while sharing smores.

Neighborhood Kids Drive-In

  • Invite your young neighbors over for an outdoor movie in the backyard.
  • Hang a sheet on the fence and use a projector to show a movie or set up a large TV outside.
  • Have the kids bring a decorated cardboard box that looks like a car. Give a prize out for the best-decorated cardboard box car.
  • Set up a concession stand where they can get snacks to carry back to their car.

Bible Study Garden Tea Party

  • Have the girls over for a garden tea party.
  • Make it fun by having them wear a garden hat that they decorate. Award the best -decorated hat with macaroons or petit fours.
  • Select a topic for the Bible study.
  • Serve tea fare with cucumber sandwiches, various teas, scones, jams, and jellies.

Family Camp Night

  • Set up a tent and use the fire pit in the backyard for a fun night of sleeping outdoors with your family.
  • Make it a device-free time.
  • Share family devotional time under the stars.

The Outdoors Beckons You

We are naturally drawn to nature and the outdoors. Beautifying the space in your backyard provides you with an outdoor sanctuary that is just a few steps from your back door.

Getting kids to unplug and get outside is one of a parent’s biggest goals. Make your outdoor living area fun, peaceful, and inviting. You may find that you and your family will desire to be outdoors more than indoors.

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