Devotional: Wait Upon The Lord Day 1

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​Psalm 27:14

You have prayed, fasted, asked other people to stand in agreement with you. 

You have followed prayer strategies that different men of God have given you. But nothing! You’re still facing the same challenge.

 It is just not going away!

Now you want to throw in the towel and live outside God’s will.

David was anointed to be a King when he was just a young boy. But he did not become king until he was thirty.

The challenges he went through in the hands of his enemies taught him how to wait upon the Lord.

God plans over David’s life came to pass, and he will surely fulfill his plans over your life. Wait on him with all your heart; he will not disappoint you.

Action Step

It is easy to focus on all that is happening around you but put your hope in God.  

His delay is not denial; he has something better in store for you. 

Wait with confidence because everything he has promised you in his word will come to pass.

Sharing is caring!

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