Devotional: Wait Upon The Lord Day 3

Micah 7:7

Waiting upon the Lord in this fallen world is not easy.

If we are, to be honest, most of us would rather not go through the waiting process.  But God uses it to stretch our faith and help us grow.

The people you have been fellowshipping with may have given up on God but keep ongoing.

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Things may seem to work for them for a while but remember that they have opted for temporary solutions.

They may seem to be ahead of you but remember that God does not add sorrow to his blessings.

Don’t follow them into the world wait for God. Be hopeful and know that God will save you from that situation no matter what.

Action Step

Choose patience and refrain from seeking quick solutions from the world.

Ask God to give you strength and courage to keep waiting for him as he works out his plans for your life.

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